OPINION: The New Auschwitz


I hope you read my article about Planned Parenthood in July. If you didn’t it’s posted here on this website. In that article I noted most of the media takes their cues from The New York Times, which earlier this summer said this in an editorial:

The Center for Medical Progress video campaign is a dishonest attempt to make legal, voluntary and potentially lifesaving tissue donations appear nefarious and illegal. Lawmakers responding by promoting their own anti-choice agenda are rewarding deception and putting women’s health and their constitutionally protected rights at risk.

I’m sure that any sane person would not believe any of the garbage that was spewed out in that editorial, and it’s a fact that killing any innocent human being, especially a fetus that hasn’t had the chance to turn into a newborn baby, is an act of pure evil. Yet there are many Americans in the Millennial generation who have come to accept and endorse this evil. We begin with the media, which badgered the creators of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s evil deeds:

CHRIS CUOMO – CNN ANCHOR: Do you – if you could go back, would you not summarize the videos? Would you not edit the video? Would you have just put out the raw, and avoided what is certainly criticism of the production result?

DAVID DALEIDEN – PROJECT LEAD, CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS: You know, I think even if we just put out…the raw files – which is quite a difficult thing, actually; they’re pretty hard to work with – Planned Parenthood and their allies in the media are still going to have problems with it; are still going to accuse them of being doctored; are going to try to say they’re not real – because that’s the only thing that they can say. They can’t defend the actual content that’s on the tapes. And so, they’re engaging in just straight up denialism right now – trying to say the videos are fabricated; they’re not real – when a forensic analysis shows they’re completely accurate-

CUOMO: But you gave them that – you gave them that ammo by doing the editing. And look, I mean – you know, you’re talking to a guy who does this all the time. There’s nothing easier than putting out raw footage, David. There’s nothing easier than doing that. You could have easily produced the raw footage. It’s the editing that takes time. That’s what takes discretion and selectivity, right?

DALEIDEN: You know, I think it’s important for the – for the public – you know, in order for – for the information to be accessible; to make sure that you’re presenting the highlights, and presenting the most important pieces of what are….two, three, four-hour long conversations-

CUOMO: To you – what’s most important to you. And that’s the point. It comes down to discretion and subjectivity.

Hard to believe Mr. Cuomo would skip the subject like that and paint the CMP as an extreme organization. Planned Parenthood’s actions have killed over 6 million fetuses that will never become newborn babies, 6 million – the same number of Jewish people killed in Nazi camps like Auschwitz. That is indeed a travesty, and if you can’t see that, you obviously have no heart whatsoever. Planned Parenthood is an organization that allows young people, especially teenagers, to be blatantly dishonest about the mistakes they might have made. The videos that were made by the Center for Medical Progress exposes the fact that evil things are being supported by our taxpayer dollars, and no one in our government except for a few people find this disheartening at all. Neither the federal government of the United States nor Planned Parenthood care about the evil they’re doing right now. Luckily, Planned Parenthood’s president named Cecile Richards testified before Congress and got the grilling she absolutely deserved yesterday afternoon. She admitted they don’t provide mammograms, and that 86% of its revenue came from abortions.

There comes a point where what talk radio host Rush Limbaugh calls “low-information voters” get the kind of government they deserve, and that’s especially what’s happening with Obama getting elected commander-in-chief twice. The ultra-left is controlling the US government right now, and Planned Parenthood was able to kill over 6 million fetuses as a result. Those fetuses will never become babies because of those atrocious actions. You would think people would re-think killing an unborn baby after having unprotected sex and making other stupid decisions, but they will not. They will never admit that getting an abortion was a mistake, and they are aided by a compliant news media and entertainment industry. As a result of the release of the videos, there have been not one, but two unsuccessful efforts by congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Those two efforts failed because a majority of Democrats and a few moderate Republicans opposed the deal. It is also opposed by most news organizations.

It gets even worse, the far-left hate site Salon bannered this headline:

Reminder: The GOP crusade against Planned Parenthood is built on bald-faced lies

The hate site Media Matters bannered this:

Doctored Videos Attacking Planned Parenthood Are Being Used By House Republicans

Then news sources in any type of medium spread the propaganda. In fact this morning, all three broadcast networks painted Cecile Richards as the innocent victim who has done nothing wrong. Of course that’s an all-out lie. All three of those networks lied to their audience, mimicking hate websites. I have a suggestion for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and other sources who spew out that garbage, you wouldn’t use anything from the official website of the Westboro Baptist Church, another hate organization, would you? So why are you using stuff from Salon and Media Matters, which are much worse? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

All this stuff going on right now should serve as a very important lesson, our country is in very bad shape right now. If we elect yet another liberal president next year, then this country is in deep trouble. Our only hope is that we get a commander in chief that will be able to fix the many problems this administration caused. And believe me, they caused many bad things to happen.



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