Trailer Talk: Official ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Trailer Promises a Faithful Reboot

Until last year, I was very skeptical about how Blue Sky Studios, the computer animation house behind the Ice Age films, would handle the wholesome, quirky, and whimsical universe of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip.

2013’s news that the film would be done in computer animation got me concerned. We all know how other adaptations of familiar properties in computer animation went, kids-only humor, obscene amounts of modern pop-culture references, and fart and poop jokes to boot (I’m looking at you Smurfs!). However, all my fears of this yet being another cash-grab based on nostalgia went out the door when this teaser trailer surfaced last spring. The only real changes for this film are the fact that the entire Peanuts gang is in a new hybrid form of CGI that Blue Sky developed just for this feature film.

The final trailer also gives us a closer look at what the plot (or should I say, the two subplots involving Charlie Brown and Snoopy repectively) is about, and it gives us a reason to want to go see this movie.

I have to admit, I groaned when I saw the film would be in CG (this was back in 2013, one year before the first teaser was released). Don’t we have a wide variety of CG movies with pop-culture references, toilet humor, and fart jokes galore? This has infected a lot of non-Pixar and non-Disney movies to the point where any film made by DreamWorks look like a masterpiece. Even in Blue Sky’s first film (and in my opinion, most underrated) Ice Age, there’s that snarky DreamWorks-style humor. And what would bringing Charlie Brown and friends to the Third Dimension bring to a new generation other than the PG-rated DreamWorks formula in a Millennial-friendly CG makeover?

Thankfully despite the poor choice of music in the trailers, the filmmakers are staying true to what the comic strip was all about, as they’ve shown us in their series of web videos. Here we not only see Snoopy imagine himself as the World War I flying ace once again, but we see his adventures in a way not seen in the TV specials. It seems like – after all these years – we finally get to see these World War I dogfights come to life.

Further, the plot is twofold: While Snoopy focuses on fighting the Red Baron in his daydreams, Charlie Brown has to focus on impressing the new girl who moved into his new neighborhood. And being the lovable loser he is, he’ll just refuse to give up despite failing most of the time. We know the optimism Charlie Brown has. But how will he make sure he doesn’t fail to impress the Little Red-Haired Girl? How will he able to take her to the Winter Dance?

These are the questions we ask ourselves when we see this trailer. Although the music in this trailer is absolutely horrendous, the marketing team at 20th Century Fox just made this fall blockbuster a “Day 1” rather than a maybe.



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