ABC Sitcom Smears People Who Celebrate Columbus Day as Racist


It seems like Hollywood is getting more and more blatant in their propaganda every day. The ABC sitcom Black-ish has found a way to bully anyone who celebrates Columbus Day as Racist. The show stars veteran comedian Anthony Anderson, and is run by a far-left guy named Larry Wilmore, who also hosts The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. In the episode, Anderson’s character Dre wants to create a new holiday, while the character he talks to realizes it conflicts with Columbus Day. That gave Wilmore an excuse to approve this piece of dialogue:

Resheida: Oh, Yo, Mr. J., did Zoey tell you I’ve been thinking about that daddy’s day thing?

Zoey: No, I did not.

Resheida: Real talk, you need to change it from Sunday to Monday.

Dre: But that’s Columbus Day.

Resheida: And? Everybody knows Columbus day is, like, crazy racist. So, you just put daddy’s day in there and make it a three-day weekend.

Apparently history doesn’t matter to the Hollywood elite who put this out. It should actually be pointed out that Columbus Day was really created to fight racism against Italian-Americans. The first people who were advocating for Columbus Day not to be celebrated actually weren’t Native Americans, but were anti-immigrant groups in what is now called the United States of America. Again, Larry Wilmore, the executive producer of Black-ish, is a despicable human being for insulting the very middle-American audience he’s supposed to cater to with a sitcom like this.

Stuff like this is no wonder the American Broadcasting Company – ABC – is on the verge of collapse, and the whole network will be doomed for yet another year if their fall lineup and their seasonal airings of Christmas and Halloween specials (which respectively includes A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) fail. ABC president Ben Sherwood has destroyed that once-great television network, and now they’re desperate. Not only is ABC in last place in the ratings, their cable networks are a disaster right now. ESPN is down 9% in prime time, 5% overall. ABC Family is also down 7% in prime time, and it will change its name to Freeform this coming January due to the fact that most of the shows on right now are not family friendly. Incredibly, not only does the channel soon to be known as Freeform continue to air programming that is increasingly coarse in terms of content, they and the media that carry their water continue to lie about the ratings of their shows saying stuff like The Fosters is popular on cable. Here’s the inconvenient truth. On Tuesday, Hallmark Channel’s original movie Harvest Moon actually beat the August season finale of The Fosters by a whopping one million more viewers. I mean, how embarrassing is that? Earlier this month on ABC’s Good Morning America, they used graphics to paint presidential candidate Ben Carson as insensitive and extremist. That should tell you everything you know about the whole situation with ABC. So, the dialogue on Black-ish is no accident.



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