Disgraceful: Leftist activist Indoctrinates Her Daughter By Putting Her in Video Supporting Planned Parenthood


How low will one person go to desperately support far-left causes? By forcing their own children to support their activism. On YouTube, a woman named Staceyann Chin posted a video of herself forcing her three-year-old daughter to tell her audience how “wonderful” Planned Parenthood is. I’m not advising anyone to watch the clip, because it doesn’t even deserve to be seen, but The Huffington Post and other left-wing outfits on the internet are praising this video.

This is really stunning, a 43-year-old woman acting the age of her daughter, and desperately making an internet video praising Planned Parenthood because she has nothing else to do with her life. It doesn’t get any lower than that. This is beyond pinhead status, and people should be doing more things with their lives than posting internet videos promoting far-left causes.



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