OPINION: ABC Family Changes Its Name


ABC Family is a TV network run by the Disney/ABC Television Group, which itself is run by The Walt Disney Company. For several years, they’ve been misleading younger viewers into watching programming about sex, STDs, and other things. As a result, they are changing their name to something called “Freeform“. Here’s my opinion on this… this is good news for middle America, good news for Disney’s reputation, and good news for traditional-minded people. Let me explain…

The network believed that rebelling against its own name by alienating family audiences and luring them into watching some of the most coarsening content in the channel’s history (ABC Family was originally named The Family Channel until Fox bought the network and renamed it as Fox Family Channel), not showcase teenagers and young adults doing extremely vile things, would be a good business model moving forward. That is perhaps the dumbest thing you could do in the television industry. ABC Family thought they could win an audience by promoting social liberalism on the airwaves. Perhaps the worst example is in their original show The Fosters, where they forced two thirteen-year-old boys who are not even gay in real life (they play gay lovers in the program), to kiss each other. It doesn’t matter if they’re gay or straight, children like that are way too young to be kissing each other like that, and it’s inappropriate for what’s supposed to be a “family” network.

The point is that many of these cable networks owned by major players in content just don’t get it. As I said in an earlier column, they don’t care what family audiences want. They don’t like the family unit, in fact – in the case of ABC Family – they wanted to destroy it. They wanted the nuclear family to be abnormal as well, and they still want America to change our values. We won’t. ABC Family’s audience was (and still is) minuscule. They don’t like middle America, and middle America doesn’t like them (although we still love Disney).

Please, do not think all family networks think like ABC Family. They don’t. They don’t want the family unit to change, except to make it once again an intact institution… the way America needs it to be. I will close with this… ABC Family, go away, don’t come back, and the name Freeform is suitable for you.



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