OPINION: Blatant Propaganda on ‘Doc McStuffins’


The Disney Channel/Disney Junior program Doc McStuffins has received praise from several critics for its portrayal of its protagonist, an African-American preschool girl pretending to be a doctor. The creator even called it “Cheers for Preschoolers”. On October 5, parents and young children were asked to tune in that morning at 9 A.M. for a “special episode“. First lady Michelle Obama would talk about her healthy living initiative, perfectly following the agenda of current Disney Junior president Nancy Kanter, a committed leftist – and a former Sesame Workshop employee.

I didn’t see the episode, as I am way too old to be watching a program like this given the target audience is preschoolers, but I know propaganda when I see it. When I shared it on my personal Facebook page, a friend of mine commented on it and said for me not to reserve judgement until it actually airs. My father replied to him with this sentence, “$100 says it will be about her BS dietary program, ACA, the environment, or some other progressive mantra.” Little did I know my dad’s predictions would come true. The show does indeed talk about her dietary program. Again, Disney Junior president Nancy Kanter is a despicable human being for forcing these dumb policies on her network’s young preschool audience. As I’ve said many times, enough is enough with the whoever is working at these networks forcing propaganda on everybody. This is no accident though, since Disney Junior is run by the American Broadcasting Company (which Disney has owned since 1996).

As many of you know, ABC and most of its sister networks are on the verge of collapse. If its new fall lineup and its respective Halloween and Christmas blocks (with the Peanuts and Toy Story specials leading the ratings of those lineups) fail later this year, the entire Disney/ABC Television Group will be doomed for yet another year. ABC president Ben Sherwood, a member of the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity, has ruined this once-great network. And now, they’re beginning to look desperate. Not only is the ABC network in last place, some of their cable operations are a disaster. ESPN is down 9% in primetime and 5% in the whole 24-hour period. ABC Family has also seen a drastic ratings decline, and is now changing its name to Freeform as a result. Incredibly, the network that will soon be known as Freeform continues to prove how out of touch they are with traditional Americans by refusing to stop production of gratuitous sex-filled garbage like Stitchers, Young & Hungry, and The Fosters. Here’s one of the consequences, the Hallmark Channel program Cedar Cove became the #1 program on Saturday nights, and it actually beat ABC Family’s The Fosters by a million more viewers. How embarrassing is that? On an episode of latter program, storylines became more far left as they focused more on “racist cops”, and that “bigoted” Catholic Church. That tells you everything you need to know about the ABC group of networks. Disgraceful doesn’t even begin to cover it.



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