Last night’s GOP debate on CNBC was universally hated according to The Atlantic magazine. The moderators last night, not surprisingly baited the whole entire roster of candidates. If you ask me personally, I expected that from a network run by NBCUniversal/Comcast, which has become a bastion of progressivism over the years. CNBC has even endorsed cronyism, which is big business working with big government. The only reasonable person on the network right now is Joe Kernon, a co-anchor for their Squawk Box program. That’s it.

As for the candidates, most of them played it safe. Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina did a good job as usual, but Jeb Bush and Donald Trump? Let’s just say they’re done. They’re finished because they have failed to ignite more conservative voters. Obviously GOP head Reince Priebus had to know CNBC’s moderators were going to badger the candidates by asking them biased questions about gay marriage, and even so-called “scandal plagued” pharmaceutical companies (as in Ben Carson’s case). Then the question about the editorial in a left-wing newspaper based in Florida asking Marco Rubio to resign came in, and Rubio went on to say this:

Let me answer your question on The Sun-Sentinel today. Back in 2004, one of my predecessors by the name of Bob Graham, a Democrat, ran for president, missing over 30 percent of his votes. I don’t recall them calling for his resignation. Later that year, in 2004, John Kerry ran for president, missing closer to 60 to 70 percent of his votes. I don’t recall The Sun-Sentinel — in fact, The Sun-Sentinel endorsed him. In 2008, Barack Obama missed 60 or 70 percent of his votes and the same newspaper endorsed him again. So, this is another example of the double standard that exists in this country, between the mainstream media and the conservative movement.

Senator Ted Cruz came up with that same kind of sentiment, and it is the truth. To skip the subject a bit, I also want to add that the media business as a whole – outside of a few exceptions – is biased towards liberals and trashes traditional Americans any way they can. It’s not just in news programming, it’s also in prime time entertainment, it’s in mainstream magazines, it’s even in advertising. You can’t go anywhere in society today without having to witness in-your-face liberal propaganda at all. To give you an example, I’m going to give you another piece of dialogue from the ABC show Black-ish.

Twin #1: After all the years of abuse, we finally fought back!

Son: Just like Farrah Fawcett in “The burning bed”! What? It’s a powerful portrayal of domestic violence, much like “Men don’t tell,” starring Judith light.

Twin #1: Dude, I’m begging for a reason to root for you.

Daughter: Anyway, did you see the looks on their faces when we attacked them?

Twin #2: Yep. The same look the native Americans have in my Christopher Columbus coloring book.

Twin #1: I wonder where they are now?

Son: Probably somewhere curled up in a corner crying.

Twin #2: Just like the native Americans in my coloring book.

And the alienation of traditional Americans continues on the broadcast networks. But now let’s go back to focusing on this subject. The situation with CNBC proves one thing, that the candidates are right about most of the media being biased towards liberals. The problem isn’t the news organizations themselves, the problem is the executives who run them and the reporters and journalists work for them. They don’t want to cover the facts at all, all they want to do is destroy conservative and traditionalist thought. With that said, the GOP will indeed have to change. You can’t simply disparage people you disagree with, you have to be honest and respectful in your disagreements without having to resort to bombast. You have to demonstrate that you has an idea to fix what the progressive majority running our government right now has ruined. Carson, from the many clips I’ve seen of him, has done exactly that.

Carson, Rubio, and Cruz also did a fantastic job confronting the far-left fanatics in the media as well. However, in my estimation, they don’t go far enough. Let me give you a perfect example of this, a columnist for the hate site Salon named Amanda Marcotte – a far-left zealot – actually wrote in defense of CNBC’s moderators, and said the GOP’s claims of media bias are a “gambit” that is used just to get votes:

If you look at the actual record, what made Republicans angry was not the lack of substance, but that the CNBC moderators dared ask challenging questions. Conservatives aren’t mad because CNBC failed to do journalism correctly. They’re mad because they apparently expected propaganda and did not get it.

How disgusting. How vile.

Expected propaganda? You don’t have a right to smear the whole GOP roster of candidates as crybabies by claiming their opinion about the mainstream media is just a “gambit”, not to mention putting words in their mouths. This is an example of why no one trusts the media anymore, Amanda. You disgrace the journalism industry. You and your ilk seek to demonize anyone who disagrees with your extreme worldview. Am I being clear enough? The mainstream media is no longer interested in the people, and are only interested in catering to affluent liberals in the big cities. That is crystal clear. None of the candidates lamented that, they’re not pining for every news source out there to be like the high-rated Fox News Channel, they’re just stating the honest and sad truth. But for crazed ideologues, that can’t be a legitimate criticism. To them, what mainstream news organizations say is the truth that needs to be stated as fact. Marcotte summed up her insane commentary this way:

Every question of substance puts their preferred candidates in very real danger of losing votes. So Republican voters exert pressure on journalists to quit asking substantive questions. This has been the point of the “media bias” whine since it was first expressed by a conservative in the Paleolithic era, and it will be the point of the claim until the sun explodes and burns our planet up. No amount of hand-waving about how the candidates wish they could talk about the issues will change that.

I’ll tell you what’s a “whine” Amanda, you complaining about an honest look at news organizations from the GOP candidates, especially Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio. That’s a “whine”. Amanda Marcotte couldn’t care less about the truth. That American society is changing because of a media and entertainment business that has turned away from the rest of America and decided to cater to affluent left-wingers and coastal elites who want to change America into their own left-wing Fantasyland. They are turning into an Anarchy, and that’s exactly what Amanda Marcotte wants. Her worldview is destructive to America, and it will be confronted here.




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