OPINION: Entertainment Television Turns Away Traditional Americans


A recent Gallup poll reported that just 40% of Americans trust the mass media, and 60% of the country does not. The reason is deception as Bill O’Reilly said this month on his Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor (Carolina Culture Warrior is named after that program’s “Culture Warriors” segment). Most major news organizations nowadays get their information from far-left websites such as Salon and Media Matters. As a result, people are turning to alternative sources such as The Daily Caller and Newsmax for information. Clearly this poll just covered the news media, but they should have included entertainment programming as well. It’s not just the news media that’s biased, liberal Hollywood has become more blatant in pushing a left-wing agenda.

If you want proof, then here are a few examples. Last night on the second episode of ABC’s new FBI drama Quantico, the Hollywood left labeled a pro-life individual as a terrorist who bombed a Planned Parenthood clinic. Yep, you heard that right. A drama on ABC labeled a Planned Parenthood clinic as the innocent victim of those awful pro-lifers.


You would think that the network would think twice before alienating traditional Americans, but you’re wrong. Given how close the media and Hollywood are in ideology, this isn’t surprising. The “Big Three” networks are cratering in trust, and this vicious propaganda against pro-lifers under the guise of entertainment (and in their news programming) is why. Cable networks have caved into far-left propaganda as well. On the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, a spinoff of the popular AMC program The Walking Dead, the US military is painted as an oppressive organization that is out to kill people for free, not to mention willing to let their countrymen die. There’s no question that this show will have its audience continue their disdain for US troops and cheer for their destruction.

Liberals aren’t writing the scripts for these programs, far-left loons are. And you wonder why the Gallup poll should have included entertainment programming as well. There comes a time when American citizens need to take a stand against popular culture, and this is one of those times. One of the reasons why Christianity is on the decline is because the demonization of Christianity, the celebration of killing fetuses before they even become human beings, and the glorification of gratuitous sex without getting married has brought us to this point. These writers and cable networks clearly know why Fox News, Hallmark Channel, INSP, and Netflix succeed. They can’t stand the message coming from Fox, they can’t stand the message coming from Hallmark and INSP, and they can’t stand the fact that Netflix gives you the right to choose the content you want to watch. If they wanted to do better, they would simply emulate these business models.





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