CBS’s ‘The Good Wife’ Presents Both Sides of Abortion Debate


Wow, what a stark contrast between the blatant propaganda ABC presented! The Good Wife, a show on CBS produced by Ridley Scott of Alien fame, actually was sympathetic to the pro-life side of the abortion debate, despite still trying to influence public opinion on the subject. Unlike Thursday night’s Scandal, which was blatantly pro-abortion propaganda, The Good Wife actually took the time to research the undercover videos that was released this past July. Plus, this piece of dialogue pretty much demonstrated how arrogant pro-abortionists – in this case, the judge – are:

-Judge: This is not ex parte, but we need to talk.

-Diane: Whenever you want, Your Honor.

-Judge: Now. Diane, what are you doing here?

-Diane:  Your Honor?

-Judge: Please, stop with the “Your Honor.” This is just “Ben.” You really think your client is a whistle-blower?

-Diane: She was reporting a public fraud.

-Judge: To whom? She didn’t serve notice to this court. Did she notify the SA’s office? The Attorney General? The FBI?

-Diane: No, but…

-Judge: Then under the statute she has not provided proper notice.

-Diane: Then she posted the video online. Are you telling me that this doesn’t satisfy the spirit of the notice requirement?

-Judge:  I’m telling you it’s too much of a reach. And even more so, I don’t understand why you’re trying so damn hard to make it. Diane, I’ve known you for a long time and this… This is not your case.

-Diane:  Are you saying that I shouldn’t pursue this case because of my politics?

-Judge:  I’m saying you shouldn’t be pursuing this because it’s not you.

-Diane: This is about free speech, and you know it.

-Judge: No, I don’t know it. This undercover tape is disgusting. It’s like James O’Keefe with ACORN. It’s like all right-wing Republicans. They don’t play fair. This is…

-Diane: You can’t be telling me this.

-Judge: And yet I am. I want you to stop trying to make this work. So let’s go back out there, put this to bed, and make sure those videos never see the light of day.

I want to mention that earlier this season, the show took a cheap shot at pro-lifers, and that alone pretty much diminished the fabulous points Diane made in this episode.

With that said, the people working on The Good Wife should be commended for having the guts to present both sides of the abortion debate, something ABC will never do because it doesn’t fit their agenda, especially the agenda of Shonda Rhimes.




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