OPINION: More Proof Ben Carson is Right About the Media

A man named Kyle Cheney, who works for the political journalism organization known as Politico, smeared presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson (R) this past week, saying he fabricated his own life story. Politico did not do the same thing for Obama back in 2008 when the Jeremiah Wright controversy took place.

I’ve been on a media blackout for quite some time, but I have to deal with this garbage this week. I apologize to all my readers.

Obviously, Kyle Cheney is the liar here, not Dr. Carson. He claims the former neurosurgeon fabricated parts of his own life story, including the time he says he was offered a scholarship. Here’s the truth, everything else in Carson’s autobiography is absolutely true, everything from the time he was in poverty, to the fact that he was a horrible student (he even almost stabbed another student). His life story got him to where he is today, and it’s what made him the prestigious doctor everybody knows and loves. He is a true role model every teenager and young adult should look up to.

With the Politico story, we now have rock solid proof that Kyle Cheney and Politico smeared Ben Carson, and CNN and two broadcast networks, NBC and ABC, picked up on the defamation as well. You can definitely tell that Ben Carson was absolutely furious, and it’s not hard to be when something like this comes up. All because a despicable far-left zealot masquerading as a political journalist, who happens to work for an organization in bed with people like president Obama and former IRS official Lois Lerner, spit this stuff out on the internet.

Despite the fact that the story about Ben Carson’s alleged lies have been proven to be false, Politico is going to do nothing to Kyle Cheney. Politico, CNN, ABC, and NBC couldn’t care less about the truth. They’re now in the business to slander conservative Americans, this is a political hit-job. ABC by far was the most gleeful of all the networks in this story. The reason is because the president of the network, Ben Sherwood, is another far-left zealot due to his association with the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity. ABC can do a lot better than this man.

To their credit and to my surprise, CBS was one of the few news organizations who realized the story was BS from the start, they found out that Cheney was trying to take the Brian Williams situation and wrap it around Dr. Carson’s neck for partisan reasons because the source he works for has a history of being in bed with liberal Democrats. Going back to ABC, the ladies at The View are even suggesting that Carson’s book Gifted Hands should be moved to the fiction isle in every store that carries it:

PAULA FARIS: Does he really strike you guys as a pathological liar? I think most people will say no and maybe he embellished this..

MICHELLE COLLINS: I do think they should put his book in the fiction section. If you remember when James Fray wrote “A million little pieces” and Oprah had him on and it was his story

JOY BEHAR: She ripped him a new one.

COLLINS: She sure did and guess what, his book was moved from nonfiction next to the “Cat in the Hat.” And I think we should do the same with Ben Carson’s book, right next to it.

Cheney and others in the media must think the American public is as dumb as he is. This whole scandal reminds me of another supposed newsman who made up lies to smear conservatives and completely got away with it. That man is Dan Rather, who 10 years ago made up a lie about George W. Bush’s military record in the Vietnam War. This got him into trouble with CBS News, and it even forced him to retire from his job as the anchorman of their flagship evening newscast. Rather, perhaps the biggest liar in the TV news industry, wouldn’t even retract the story that got him into trouble with the Eye network.

Rather was a dishonest smear merchant who hated conservatives as well, and he wouldn’t retract a hit-job he did on Bush 43. I’m sure Mr. Cheney won’t retract his piece on Dr. Carson either. What happened to Dan Rather? He now works for Mark Cuban, and Hollywood released a movie lionizing him… which luckily bombed at the box office.



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