Top 5 Reasons ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Might Set Pixar Back $85 Million

65428Pixar’s latest movie The Good Dinosaur got whupped by the final installment of the Hunger Games saga on its opening weekend – not to mention Krampus last weekend, and the news kept getting worse for the Pixar film. When it opened, the film earned just $39 million compared to Mockingjay: Part 2‘s $121 million overhaul and an additional $55 million the weekend after that. Those figures don’t take into account the film’s $200 million budget or marketing costs.

Variety suggests Pixar could in fact be Pixar’s first lost, totaling at least $200 million, because the film needs to make at least $500 million in order for it to be a success.

The question Hollywood is asking itself is, “why”?

  1. The Pixar Name is Not Enough – Brand recognition is crucial to Hollywood these days, but it guarantees little. Just ask the folks behind the October dud Jem and the Holograms. While the Pixar name is now iconic thanks to classics like Toy Story and The Incredibles, that doesn’t mean an instantly good movie. Just ask the folks behind the past few duds by DreamWorks Animation.
  2. Geared for Young Kids – Anyone knows Pixar gears its movies for any age, whether they are age 6 or 60. That’s basically why they’ve been successful for so long. The Good Dinosaur, unfortunately, broke that winning streak by exclusively aiming at kids and their parents. If an animation studio makes a movie specifically aimed at kids, there’s bound to be a fallout.
  3. An Uneven Story – Critics have said that the story was pretty much uneven, and not even a CinemaScore rating of “A” could stop general audiences from avoiding the movie like the plague. This is also the most “un-Pixar” Pixar film since Brave came out in 2012.
  4. We’ve Seen the Story Before – Mild spoiler alert here… The main character Arlo loses his father in the beginning of the film. We’ve seen this story before in the 1994 film The Lion King, only this time it’s not because of Scar, it’s because of a mistake Arlo makes. We’ve also seen the survival story being told before too with the film Cast Away. Pixar movies are supposed to give you a sense of wonder, like in this year’s Inside Out. This, however, feels more like a Disney movie than Pixar.
  5. Tone Deaf – Who doesn’t want to bring their kids to a film with nightmarish moments and a scene where the main character’s dad dies in a violent way? The Good Dinosaur is a tonal mess, veering from very cartoony-looking dinosaurs and a few comedic moments to PG-13-style violence and scary moments without warning. Kids will gasp over the scary moments and violence while adults will criticize the death scene involving Arlo’s dad.



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