Freeform Will Offer All the Decadence Liberals Love


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Rappers plus anti-Catholic shock jock Nicki Minaj, stoners, drug addicts, “independent” women who call themselves Pretty Little Liars, LGBT of all types including a lesbian foster couple, and the like all have a new place to call home – FreeformClaiming to be a new “hip and edgy” TV channel aimed to please millennials (or “becomers” as the channel calls them), Freeform boils down to a whole 24/7 channel devoted to pushing the progressive, liberal agenda (outside of its few Disney movie airings, and of course The 700 Club which is treated as nothing more than an infomercial on that channel these days).

As I reported last October, Freeform will be a rebranding of ABC Family. Over the past few years, ABC Family has caused a lot of controversy, mainly due to the fact that the shows on the network do not live up to its name. For instance, an episode of The Fosters that aired last year featured the youngest ever gay kiss on national TV. With content like that, it’s fitting that ABC Family would want to change its name now that it’s shows are anything but family-oriented.

The channel’s target audience is the 14-34 demographic, and is set to launch next week. Obviously, Pat Robertson is probably thinking to himself that he should never have sold what was then known as The Family Channel. I’m sure parents who trust the Disney name to entertain their children will appreciate the fact that the company also owns a channel that will feature shows dedicated to sex and social justice.

So, what can viewers expect? In a statement, ABC Family president Tom Ascheim said this, “Freeform evokes the spirit and adventure of our audience” and that “Freeform will deliver new, exciting original content as well as all the favorite shows our viewers already love on ABC Family.”

“Exciting” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you see most of the channel’s programming. Imagine MTV, only sleazier.

One of the existing original shows the network touts is The Fosters, which in addition to the gay kiss scene I previously mentioned, also trashes anyone who doesn’t agree with its far-left worldview, including Catholics and law enforcement. The show is executive produced by liberal Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez, whose previous TV “gems” were the sleazy TV drama South Beach and the truTV reality show South Beach Tow.

Vulgar pop star and notorious Catholic-basher Nicki Minaj also has a sitcom on this new network, where a younger version of her will be played by a young actress named Ariana Lee. Minaj is perhaps infamous for creating a song and eventual performance sneering at Catholic teachings during the 2012 Grammys.

Other strange ideas for shows that will appear on the channel include Shadowhunters, based on one of those young adult series of books that are popular these days, and Recovery Road, about a woman who goes into rehab as a teenager.

The rebrand is already getting negative feedback. Here are a few examples on social media, courtesy of Moviefone:

“Freeform is the worst name I have ever heard. #lame”

“The same was said about The CW. We’ll get used to it.”

“Freeform sounds like a feminine hygiene product.”

“I can’t picture anyone saying ‘Did you watch that new show on Freeform last night?'”

“‘We got an overwhelmingly positive response. Freeform sounds like fun.’ …ummm I think they got trolled that’s a horrible name.”

However, if you think about it, the name is fitting because it represents how non-family-friendly the channel has become. These days, ABC Family is nothing more than 24-hours of straight radical progressive ideology brainwashing millennials more than they already are. It doesn’t get a lot of viewership either, just ask Current TV, MSNBC, MTV, and the current Zucker era of CNN.



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