Warner Bros.-Produced Newsmagazine Puts Out Disgraceful Hit Piece on Ben Carson’s Medical Career


Everybody knows the story of Dr. Ben Carson. The struggling presidential candidate rose to the top of the polls in November 2015, but for some odd reason is not doing very well in the polls right now. In fact, in the states of Nevada, Iowa, New Hampsire, and even South Carolina (a state he should have been doing well in), he was in distant last place. Despite the fact that he’s struggling in the presidential polls, there’s no denying that he is a very successful neurosurgeon and accomplished man. He’s also very famous for successfully separating conjoined twins. So, when I saw a story about a surgery Dr. Carson did on a 7-year-old girl in 90’s allegedly “destroying” her life on a syndicated crime-themed newsmagazine, I couldn’t believe it:

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: When I saw Karly, Dr. Carson was at her bedside, I noticed her facial droop, and I said, ‘Dr. Carson, what about her facial droop?’ And he said, ‘Oh, that’s temporary.

KARLY BAILEY: I couldn’t move my right side very well, I was so angry at the world. I did feel like my world had crumbled.

REPORTER: Karly left the hospital and spent the next seven months — five days a week — in therapy. When Karly returned to school, the kids were cruel. 

KARLY BAILEY: When I went back to school, I was called a freak. I was called a loser. It made me depressed. Just very depressed.

UNIDENTIFIED FATHER: She would rather have 7 cents and have her physical disabilities and neurological disabilities restored. It’s not about the money, Dr. Carson raised $25 million last quarter as a presidential candidate. Why don’t you just tell the truth and take care of the patient whose life you destroyed? That’s what we ask of Dr. Carson. That’s all.

The story aired earlier this month, but it wasn’t really noticed until now. The show that featured this disgusting hit piece against a successful figure in medicine premiered just this year and is produced by Warner Bros. Television. Now, if Crime Watch Daily – as the show is named – did something similar to this about Barack Obama (who leaves office next year), which of course nobody would ever do, cries of racism would fill the air. The same thing goes for Hillary Clinton. If they did a story talking about her emails. then they’d be accused of putting out a “witch hunt” against her. I don’t really care what they do at this point, but never again will I give them another dime for a movie ticket or a DVD/Blu-ray/Digital release of any of their movies or TV shows as a result of this. Thank you, but no thank you.

It’s too bad I have to say that though, because I couldn’t even wait to see the new Batman v. Superman movie which comes out on March 25. It looks like that might not be the case anymore. When Dr. Carson was on the top of the polls back in November, GQ put out a piece that said F*ck Ben Carson just because he said something of common sense. That was pretty low, but nothing can sink to the low Crime Watch Daily recently made with this disgusting segment. Keep in mind that this wasn’t an attack ad put out by a presidential candidate, or even an ad put out by a super PAC. This is a segment from a so-called “news” show that’s supposed to be focused on crime, and it’s allowing these vile smears on a successful doctor. It seems there’s no limit to what the media will have people believe about conservatives and conservatism as a whole. We really are turning into Idiocracy.



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