Column: Deniers of ISIS Terrorism Threats Go Unhinged

There’s no question that many in the left-wing media are, at least, covertly disappointed that the terrorist attacks in Belgium were carried out by the Islamic terror group known as ISIS, and not “rabid right-wingers.” Across cable television this weekend, there was a palpable reluctance to label the Brussels bombs that killed more than thirty and injured nearly 200, the work of radical Islam.

Instead, you may have heard, from MSNBC and others, that the tragic incident was really just the result of, say, European society:

EVAN KOHLMANN, NBC NEWS TERROR ANALYST: Why is it that Muslims and other immigrants in Belgian have such problem integrating with local society? Why is it that they do not feel like they are Belgian? Why is it that they are ghettoized into these communities? And that has a lot to do with what’s going on here. Because, again, if you look at the numbers, way — a much higher percentage of Belgians have gone to go fight in Iraq and Syria than French nationals, and it’s right next door. What is the reason for that discrepancy? 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the world that can make Mr. Kehlmann accept reality – that radical Islam arose without the “help” of restrictive European societies – and that’s exactly the problem with the terror war we’re in right now. No matter what proof, no matter what you see with your own eyes, there are people out there that deny the unfortunate truth: that the Islamic jihad, especially ISIS is a real and present threat to the world. And no matter what evidence you present, it will be swept away.

Even an outfit like ABC News is dismissing the threat ISIS poses to world peace as nothing but “theoretical,” through their talk show The View:

KEITH OLBERMANN: FORMER ESPN HOST: I’m having the craziest dream right now that Donald Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican nomination and you’re all in my dream. When I wake up from this, I’m going to write this all down and it’s going make a hell of a novel. It’s nothing serious. It’s just perhaps the most dangerous presidential candidate since the guy in the middle of the Civil War who wanted to give up in 1864.

JOY BEHAR, COMEDIAN: More dangerous than Nixon or Lyndon Johnson who escalated the Vietnam War?

OLBERMANN: Yes. Because— somebody said the other day and they were quite serious, and you can understand when you hear these two things together, they’re terrifying. ‘What would happen if ISIS got nukes?’

BEHAR: They’re thinking about it. 

OLBERMANN: All right. So, I said, “what would happen if Donald Trump got nukes?” 

BEHAR: Who would use it first? 

OLBERMANN: But also, which is the more realistic concern for us at the moment? I mean, the second one is a distinct, visible possibility and the first one is theoretical, but very unlikely because they are difficult to move. But he gets them the first day in office. 

It’s hard to believe, for starters, that a guy like Keith Olbermann – obnoxious and often misinformed – is given a national platform by ABC News, given how out of touch he is with ABC’s much-needed core audience (their parent company Disney’s new animated movie Zootopia grossed over $6oo million dollars so far at the worldwide box office, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens beame the highest-grossing live-action film in Disney’s history). The View‘s ratings are, of course, abysmal by comparison. Even counting on Keith Olbermann to grab earned media through political ignorance is outside the brand’s goals.

But, of course, for the record, ISIS getting nukes is not theoretical, it’s a real threat our country is facing right now. Reports from Belgium indicate that the terrorists involved in last week’s attack cased a nuclear facility, and may have killed one of the facility’s guards to steal his credentials.

Then there’s the Today show, which has become so agenda-driven, it’s absurd. Listen to NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel:

NBC’s Richard Engel Frets Brussels Attack Could Lead to ‘Rise of the Right Wing’

RICHARD ENGEL, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: We’re already seeing the rise of the right wing. We’re already seeing rise of hate attacks, where people will use the kind of terrorist attacks, these kind of incidents, to vilify all of the Muslim community. Which, of course, only makes the situation worse. Because then people feel isolated, ostracized, ghettoized, and they retreat into their own communities.

So, according to Mr. Engel, if we declare war on ISIS, then we’re no better than that terror group. Can you believe the nonsense? The truth is these ISIS thugs are killing people, especially Christians in the middle east, in the name of Allah. PeriodI remember being 10 years old right when 9/11 occurred, and my father – who was on a business trip to Las Vegas at that time, for his position within the hospitality industry (he worked on some projects with Hilton in the 90’s) – was stuck in Las Vegas for another two weeks as a result of this. When people make these statements on the airwaves, he gets furious. It’s insulting to the victims of these kinds of terrorist attacks, and the good people who have to bury them, as well as the people who fight to keep us safe.

The terrorist attacks in Belgium prove how serious the situation is. It’s time for our leaders to acknowledge how much of a threat ISIS is to the world, and do everything they can to defeat these barbarians.



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