NBC Becomes Soviet-style Propaganda Machine


We all know that NBC is what National Review calls the unofficial propaganda arm of the Democratic party. Over the last few years, they have become more blatant in that mission. Let’s start with their so-called “news” division, and what I believe is one of the most outrageous things that ever came out of a network newscast. On NBC Nightly News, following the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket, they allowed a segment to use children as props to talk about how wonderful Clinton is, and now no one can stand in her way (well… not exactly, but pretty close). This was on their evening newscast. It’s not MSNBC – their far-left cable division, this is the evening newscast on the NBC network. How Comcast and their CEO Brian Roberts can allow this to come on and destroy the NBC brand forever is very concerning. This should sicken a lot of people working in the journalism industry. To be fair to NBC News anchor Lester Holt, who hosts the Nightly News, he probably did not want any part in this Soviet Union-style propaganda. Yet at the same time, if Mr. Holt had any courage at all, he would go up to his bosses at Comcast and tell them they have to stop the propaganda at his newscast, and it’s ruining his reputation as an honest journalist.

The propaganda does not stop at the news organization, however. Their prime time lineup is filled with far-left propaganda as well. Here are some examples… In November, an NBC program called Blindspot – a co-production with Warner Bros. Television – propagandized for Planned Parenthood saying that defunding that organization will ‘strip women from reproductive healthcare’. That basically shows the propaganda on TV shows nowadays is no-longer subtle, it’s totally blatant and in your face. But, that’s nothing compared to the Soviet-style works of Dick Wolf, the creator of such works as Law & Order and Chicago Fire. Like ABC’s Shonda Rhimes, Wolf is well known for using his television shows to promote his liberal political agenda. The most recent examples happened on Law & Order: SVU and Chicago Med. On a recent episode of SVU, there was a plot line that used a Catholic priest as a pedophile made just in time for Easter, while Chicago Med bashed supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

The sitcoms are even more blatant. Take for example the new series Superstore, which takes place in a Walmart-style discount store. That show has also done things like propagandize for unionizing businesses, and suggesting Jesus was gay.

And that’s about it, all of this information should tell you everything you need to know about NBC. The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and a few holiday events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are the only watchable events on NBC at this point. It should also be added that if they had sister company Universal Pictures bring back some major franchises for a holiday special aimed at the entire family like, say, Woody Woodpecker (the long-dormant cartoon character owned by Universal that is still featured at their theme parks) or the Despicable Me series of animated films, maybe I’ll consider watching those too. But, there is no doubt that NBC, in everything they do from sitcoms to dramas to newscasts, has become a Soviet-type propaganda outfit, probably making Pravda jealous.



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