Nickelodeon Doesn’t Care About American Youth


I know this is three months too late, and I know most of you don’t give a hoot about the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. However, the show that ran this past March was so base, so full of garbage, it was off the charts. The reason was because of the music being performed and the musical performers that were given awards, with material that includes a lot of sexual references (the only exception being the event’s host, country music star Blake Shelton). The show’s main demographic of kids 6-14 hear the stuff that was on display a few months ago, not to mention they imitate it. This kind of fodder has apparently been going on since at least 2009 according to a forum discussion on Not only that, but they have allowed child indoctrination as well with giving people like Leonardo DiCaprio a platform to preach about phony causes like climate change.

Now, before I go on, I have to say how influential Nickelodeon (as well as the then-emerging competitor Disney Channel later on) was on me personally when I was growing up in the late 90’s and early-to-mid 2000’s. Not only were the shows not all that bad (i.e. Rugrats, which ran from 1991 t0 2004 – a total of 13 years) but they also helped me learn about the voting process through things like Kids Pick the President, which – although obviously biased towards Al Gore – eventually (although unintentionally) swayed the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush. Nickelodeon indeed had a lot of influence when it came to political matters. Sadly, the Kids’ Choice Awards, as well as the network as a whole, has devolved into in-your-face vulgarity in both their cartoons and their tween-oriented sitcoms. As a part of the millennial generation, I am embarrassed that kids these days have to grow up with sexual lyrics in music and vulgarity in most of the shows geared for them. Nickelodeon has pretty much abandoned being a wholesome place that parents can trust their children to watch. They even skewed their Kids Pick the President campaign far to the left since the emergence of Barack Obama in 2008, not to mention their so-called “news” program (hosted by Linda Ellerbee, an ardent progressive) has fallen in love with Cuban communism. Nickelodeon does not care about American children, they only care about alienating conservative audiences, both socially and politically.

There used to be a huge distinction between harmless entertainment aimed at kids, tween sitcoms that talk about having sex, and documentaries talking about the ‘wonders’ of communism in Cuba. Nowadays when you watch Nick, you simply cannot tell where kid shows end and sexual content begins. You have to just let the kids be kids, especially nowadays. They have their whole lives to become adults, and they should not talk about things such as sex until they are at least 13. As for Nickelodeon, you can be pop-culture friendly without resorting to the kind of vulgarity that network has come to endorse over the years. That is exactly what Nickelodeon displayed during this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards… nothing but vulgarity. They should call the orange blimp they hand out to the winners the Hindenburg, because it’s bursting into flames and crashing terrible.



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