Let the Clinton Fawning Begin (Again)

The Clintons, especially former president Bill Clinton, got the most fawning media coverage of the 1990’s. Fast-forward to 2016, and we now return to the media’s new Clinton-mania. This time, it’s because of the fact that Bill Clinton’s wife, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has made history as the first woman to be nominated as a candidate for President of the United States for a major party, in Hillary’s case, the Democratic Party. One of the biggest Hillary-lovers in the media is Joy-Ann Reid, a fanatical leftist who has had a national platform on cable division of the National Broadcasting Company since 2012. Ms. Reid is now actively painting those pointing out Mrs. Clinton’s scandals as conspiracy theorists on her program AM Joy. On last week’s episode, she shouted down a guest (and later cut off her mic) who dared to point out what FBI director James Comey said about the e-mails:

AM Joy: July 31, 2016

AMY KREMER, FORMER TEA PARTY EXPRESS CHAIR: I’ll tell what you scares me. What scares me is the fact that the E-Mails are out there somewhere, probably, and that we could have—


KREMER: —a president that could be blackmailed—

REID: What? What? What?

KREMER: –over them. That is what concerns me.

REID: What? Wait, Amy you just invented—

KREMER: It’s a matter of national security.

REID: Nope, hold on. You can’t just invent things! You can’t just invent things.

KREMER: I’m not inventing anything!

REID: You just invented it an entire thing! The FBI has already come out with a report on Hillary Clinton E-Mails and what you just said is an invented thing! 


REID: There’s no 33,000 E-Mails that are going to harm our national security. You know that there was an entire year and half investigation! We’re not going to relitigate that!


KREMER: Joy let me talk! Let me talk.

REID: Not if you’re going to invent things!

So, according to Joy-Ann Reid, the email scandal is just a phony plot continuing a vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons. This nutty theory goes on with her intention that Hillary Clinton’s opponents are all sexist and negative against her and she is more qualified than any man to run for president, even her own husband and all the founding fathers combined. She also believes it’s absurd to say Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified. Amazing. What’s not surprising is this is no accident. Remember, NBC News didn’t fire Brian Williams for lying about certain stories he reported during his 11-year tenure as the anchor for NBC Nightly News, instead demoting him into a breaking news anchor on MSNBC. They also have tax-evador Al Sharpton working for them. So it turns out that the Clintons and NBC are pretty much birds of a feather.

It’s not just NBC though. As you may know the American Broadcasting Company – ABC – is also in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Disney/ABC Television Group chief Ben Sherwood has been using everything on the network to prop up Clinton and bash her Republican rival, New York City businessman Donald Trump. For example, instead of focusing on Clinton lying about her FBI kerfuffle again, ABC’s Good Morning America (as well as the Today show on NBC to a great extent) went as far to focus on a Trump gaffe that didn’t even happen. As I’ve said numerous times, however, it’s ABC’s entertainment division that has been in full force bashing the Donald. Most recently, the network revived a game show called Match Game, in which contestants have to come up with answers to fill-in-the-blank questions, and the game also has celebrity panelists as well. In the new revival, they allowed panelist (and 9/11 conspiracy nut) Rosie O’Donnell to bash Trump as an “orange slug” (reviving a feud that was publicized a decade ago while Trump’s reality show The Apprentice was still popular).

Expect to see more of this hard-left propaganda in all mainstream media, from news to entertainment to everything in between. It’s going to be an uphill battle for sure.




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