The Media and Pop Culture Race-Bait Once Again

Earlier this week, MTV’s Video Music Awards gave Beyoncé – an avid supporter of the George Soros-backed Black Lives Matter, a platform to use her performance to trash police officers and their work, continuing the network’s denigration of anything patriotic – complete with bashing the founding fathers and white people. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani had this to say about the performance:

I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. And I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime, and particularly homicide, by 75 percent[.]

And he has stats to back that up. New York magazine said that love him or hate him, he saved the city from a lot of the violent crime that had occurred there at the time. However, if you praise anything Giuliani did in New York, the entertainment industry will go after you. For example, a rapper named T.I. said this about him in an exchange to TMZ:

He’s not an aficionado of music. This isn’t politics. You need to worry about Trump’s campaign. [Giuliani] also imprisoned so many unnecessarily. So you have to count against the black lives he saved for the black lives he destroyed by imprisoning people for too long, taking them away from their families, and breaking up homes.

That statement couldn’t be more hypocritical, as T.I. is a part of an industry that itself has destroyed black lives, and the stats show. According to Bloomberg, there are now 8.6 million people on food stamps, many of them African-Americans. The Atlantic magazine also notes that the black unemployment rate is now 9.5 percent. That is catastrophic. The main reason is because of our culture, which has been declining thanks to people like Beyoncé. There’s also little discipline in the public school system in America. Many young blacks are also prone to imitate the bad behavior these rappers portray in their songs and music videos, like what Chris Brown puts out:

(WARNING: Explicit Lyrics)

I wrote myself a million dollar check in fifth grade
I put it on the wall and promised it’d be this way
She fuck me like she want the rent paid
Like she want that Oscar De La Renta
I slow it down like it’s her favourite ballad
Then go back up at it like I hadn’t had it
Straight up

How many times I gotta tell that ass to come over?
I’ll fuck you right, have you walking from side to side
How many times?

After reporting on that piece of garbage, the Media Research Center’s decided to expand its coverage to not just the news media, but all media – including entertainment. Take for example the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers cornerback. He refused to stand up for the US National Anthem because he believes there’s “racial injustice”. However, it also starts at childhood. The Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah reported back in 2013 that current children’s TV shows either have no adult figures like parents or teachers, or those figures are made to be stupid, like what Nickelodeon puts out:

Negative general portrayals of fathers/husbands/men in TV commercials and sit-coms contributes to a decrease in men wanting to assume those roles in society, and creates the impression among others that men need not assume such roles anyways, that such simply aren’t important. columnist Maggie McKneely ended her column talking about this particular issue with this paragraph:

When parents are invalidated and dads are painted as dudes who got this far in life by sheer luck, children are left without an authority figure to contradict the lies coming from the TV screen. No wonder there are so many kids who don’t even know which bathroom to use.

That sounds pretty telling, does it not? And here’s a shocker… The parent company of Nickelodeon and MTV, Viacom Inc., which markets vile stuff that hurts young people, has a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. That’s right, an organization that wants to destroy school choice is in business with a company that puts out entertainment harmful to children – especially black children.

This point has to be made once again, The race industry, Hollywood, the Democrats, and the news media, are not addressing the real reasons why so many African-Americans are not in the workforce. Because of that, many young blacks continue to live in chaos, violence, and fear.



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