Serving the Will of the People


One of the things that differentiates America from every other country is that we understand the difference between right and wrong. The far-left in this country is trying to blur that line, but they are being defeated, especially due to the surprise election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

In April, Target – the second-largest general retailer behind Walmart – announced a policy that would allow people to use the bathroom or dressing room of their choice. So many have protested the retailer’s decision, that they changed that policy and decided to install family bathrooms in their stores. People like Tennessee-based pastor Greg Locke and Texas attorney general Ken Paxton told Target that these lapse policies are unacceptable.

So, the people win again – just like Starbucks’ #RaceTogether situation in 2015 when the coffeehouse chain canned that campaign after public outcry. Target’s sales continue to drop, but at least they are making an effort to try and get customers back.

Companies in America have an obligation to punish bad behavior, and there are many times that consumers have to remind them of that obligation.

Media conglomerates are having this problem as well, especially when it comes to the television industry. ABC and ESPN are taking a pounding because ethical standards at both networks have collapsed. Consumers of news, sports, and general entertainment have left the Disney-ABC Television Group’s family of networks in droves. On Friday Nov. 25, for example, the ABC network averaged 3 million viewers, putting it in an embarrassing last place among the “big three” broadcast networks – especially around the holiday season. Meanwhile, ESPN continues to lose over 300,000 subscribers a month. These numbers are abysmal. Add to ESPN’s woes, and we have a full-throated debacle.

It’s stunning that Disney, the parent company of ABC, is too wrapped up focusing on its film and theme park divisions to do anything about their television arm. But it’s great for such cable channels as Fox News, CNN, the Hallmark Channel, and the USA Network, not to mention other broadcast networks like Fox and CBS.

By the way, with the fast growth of Fox Sports 1, you can say goodbye to ESPN as a TV sportscasting leader in the next few years.

The situation involving media in particular shows how the American people do the right thing most of the time. 2016 has become the year of the citizen responding and punishing the bad guys when the country runs amuck. It is almost like the founders have come back.



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