What Donald Trump’s Election Victory Means for America


The shocking election of billionaire businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was not about the destruction of the legacy of predecessor Barack Obama. Like Brexit in the UK, it was an emotional decision based on what Americans are seeing with their own eyes. The open borders, out-of-control foreign policy, and political correctness in our culture just to name a few have fundamentally changed America, and not for the better.

Entire states have changed as millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and other countries have poured into states like Virginia, turning them into progressive strongholds. They have made full use of our medicare and public education systems. It was an out-of-control situation that had to be fixed. Most of the immigrants are good people. All they want is to simply live a better life, away from the third world they came from. There’s no question that life in America is much better than life in Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the Middle East.

What liberals get right is that people need to be more humane and compassionate towards immigrants to the US. However, thanks to Barack Obama’s far-left policies, the numbers of people coming here illegally is too great. Our news media is as corrupt as nobody has ever seen before, the Hollywood left has become so unhinged they substitute propaganda for real entertainment. There are many problems our country is facing that Americans decided to say “no more”. That’s not racist, xenophobic, bigoted, or – as Hillary Clinton would say – deplorable. It’s an opinion based on what traditional Americans have been seeing right before their eyes. And if Hillary were elected this year, we would have lost this country for a generation.

On to Hillary Clinton. She thought that since the media portrayed her as the presidential front-runner after both she and president-elect Trump got their respective parties’ nominations, she would have the presidency easily. To the shock of her and her supporters, Trump was getting state after state, including ones that the media thought he would lose like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and (shockingly enough) North Carolina. She also had Hollywood on her side as well, hoping that A-list pop stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato – not to mention HBO star Lena Dunham and many of the cast and crew who work on the ABC network’s highly-rated lineup of shows made by far-left television producer Shonda Rhimes – would have millennial voters choose the former First Lady whose husband lead the country in the 1990s. That ended up failing. The voters have spoken, and the majority of the country has had enough of this elitism and decline shoved down our throats by pop culture, the press, and the politicians in Washington.

Now, on to Donald Trump. It’s perfectly clear that whether you agree with him or not, he is now our president. On a personal note, I was one of many conservatives who did not want Donald Trump to be nominated, and during the primary, thought that the media put him in so that Hillary Clinton could become president. A lot of us have now been proven wrong about that. There’s no doubt about it… nobody saw Trump’s victory coming, not even those who ended up supporting him like myself. And it’s all despite the fact that both Hollywood and the news media have been trying so hard to defeat him with some of the worst propaganda we’ve ever seen coming from the television industry as a whole. According to Media Research Center/NewsBusters writer Rich Noyes, there’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon:

In Wednesday’s episode of Criminal Minds, a group of high schoolers who are victims of bullying form “The Anti-Terrorism Squad” to help each other cope with bullies in their class. Then “Kyle,” one of the group, begins invading the homes of his bullying classmates, shooting to death the parents and siblings but leaving the bully to deal with the grief and anguish of having their family massacred.

About 40 minutes into the hour-long episode, “Kyle” and his fellow group member “Zach” are driving when “Kyle” launches into a self-justifying speech about how it’s okay to kill entire families, citing how “some politicians” say it’s “the best way to handle terrorists.”

“Zach” is appalled: “That’s messed up!” he exclaims. “Nobody’s family deserves to die like that, not even the families of real terrorists!”

As you may know, Criminal Minds is one of the most successful TV shows on CBS along with NCIS and Blue Bloods. The network and its two rivals might want to think about alienating traditional Americans to the extent they have, it could be very bad for business.

To conclude, there is no doubt that America has a lot of problems. We are almost $20 trillion dollars in debt, terrorism and illegal immigration are out of control, and of course our 1st and 2nd Amendments are under attack. It will take strong leadership to turn the ship around. Hopefully our new president will fix these problems. If he does, he has the potential to become the Ronald Reagan of his generation.



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