Misfire: Miss Sloane is the Worst Flop of 2016

For anyone who thought gun-control was a great subject for a major motion picture, entertainment news websites are already offering an obituary.

Actress Jessica Chastain’s media-hyped gun control thriller Miss Sloane has failed to make the impact its French production company EuropaCorp and anti-gun groups like the Brady Institute had hoped for. As of December 13, Miss Sloane has raked in a disappointing $2 million since it opened in wide release on December 9, according to Box Office Mojo. According to Deadline, the movie cost $13 million to make. It is currently #11 at the box office, being beaten by Office Christmas Party, the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Disney’s animated film Moana:

Europa Corp is busting out Miss Sloane from four locales to approximately 1,600 for a third weekend that’s between $2.5M-$5M. Through 12 days, the John Madden-directed gun lobbyist thriller with Jessica Chastain has a domestic B.O. of $132K. Before P&A, Miss Sloane cost $13M. Focus Features is also widening Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals in its fourth frame from 127 sites to 1,260. Through yesterday, the movie totals $2.87M. Fox Searchlight, after earning a hearty opening per theater of $55K, is moving Natalie Portman’s Jackie into five more markets — Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Phoenix– as well as adding bookings in New York and Los Angeles. The Pablo Larrain biopic has a five-day cume in five sites of $325K.

Film critic Christian Toto, in a column about the film, said this:

The film’s key players insisted in media interviews that ‘Miss Sloane’ isn’t gun control propaganda. That’s nonsense. Sloane and co. are shown to be hard-working, dedicated and righteous. The gun groupies? They’re all older white men with resentment in their hearts.

So, there you go. Another movie that insults more than half the American population and lectures them rather than entertain. What film this recent flop been compared to? Again, cue Christian Toto:

Now, “Miss Sloane” isn’t a wannabe blockbuster like “Ghostbusters.” It doesn’t need huge box office tallies to balance the books. Still, its box office prognosis doesn’t look good. BoxOffice.com called its limited release performance “lackluster.” The movie opens wide this weekend.

“Miss Sloane” positioned itself as an Oscar contender with its late Fall release date. Yet the reviews are far from fawning, and it’s been virtually ignored by the early critics group nominations.

Those “Nasty Women” better rally bigly to save the film from a box office letdown.

You would think Hollywood would learn their lesson right now? It’s no wonder why their tour de force lost, people are sick of this kind of propaganda on the big screen.



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