COLUMN: ABC Alienates ‘Homophobic’ Conservatives with New Miniseries

As I reported last year on The American Spectator, ABC – which is owned by the Walt Disney Company – has been very aggressive in helping the progressive movement, by opposing president Donald Trump since the 2016 election ended and now, attacking anything conservative. There is also emerging evidence that even though Disney CEO is willing to work with the president – even planning on adding him to the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park, ABC chief Ben Sherwood seems to want to do the opposite. Perhaps the most recent and most outrageous piece of that evidence is the upcoming miniseries, When We Rise, starring Guy Pearce, Mary-Louise Parker, David Hyde Pierce and Rachel Griffiths, and featuring appearances from none other than The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Rosie O’Donnell

This new LGBT rights-themed miniseries which is set to air on February 27 not only stereotypes all Americans in Republican-controlled states as homophobic, but it also glorifies violence against police officers. That is no surprise, as the media has painted police as the enemy against minorities in recent years. According to Heat Street, the trailer shows us how far-left this project is willing to go:

It appears to glorify burning police cars, as a police officer shouts “I don’t understand”, and people in authority scream about how “the city will not be taken over by incorrigibles and deviants,” and to “keep one step ahead of the blacks and homosexuals” and “[homosexuality is] an illness, it can be treated.”

Heat Street also reports that series creator Dustin Lance Black, who has been with the project from the very beginning, has attacked his critics for pointing out the kind of content he’s trying to put out:

This show is under attack from the alt-right online. But this show is not a war. Every single person in this world is a minority, depending on how you slice the pie, and this show is about how we are connected.

So, if you don’t like how this new miniseries is promoting violence, you are from the “alt-right”? That sounds like something you would hear from “Safe Space” activists on college campuses, does it not? Mr. Black is no stranger to this kind of not-so-thinly disguised activism. In 2010, he wrote the screenplay for the Sean Penn film, Milk, which is based on the true story of an openly-gay public official from San Francisco.

This kind of attempt by a network at using its entertainment venues to push propaganda is just one of the reasons why Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Political correctness is out of control, and the ABC network – if you ask me – is part of the problem. There is no doubt that the network has taken a very sharp turn to the left in the past few years. Outside of the Tim Allen series Last Man Standing, many of its sitcoms (i.e. The Real O’NealsBlack-ish) and dramas (i.e. Scandal, QuanticoGrey’s Anatomy) prove that point, including When We Rise.  

Of course, judgement needs to be reserved until the miniseries premieres. But so far, the way ABC is marketing it does not deliver any hope that the network won’t stop alienate Middle America. If you ask me personally, I believe ABC cannot stand the fact that the pick-and-choose content on Netflix, the differing points of view on Fox News, and those sappy B movie-quality romantic comedies on the Hallmark Channel are so successful that their influence (as well as the influence of competitors CBS and NBC) is dwindling. In the case of Hallmark, MRC writer Dan Gainor rightfully put it this way in a piece he wrote just weeks before Christmas:

[T]he altleft controls Hollywood. Rather than complain about the only family friendly channel on TV, why not create more such content? Oh yeah, because liberals hate it.

Potential propaganda like When We Rise proves Mr. Gainor correct about the Hollywood left controlling most of the entertainment industry, and also proves why the network’s numbers are dwindling right now. Of all my years as a Disney shareholder, and a major fan of their theme parks and animated classics since childhood, I have never seen the ABC network more left-wing than it is now.

With all this in mind, perhaps it is time for Disney to let go of ABC and sell it to another party. After all, they are mainly focusing on their Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm brands nowadays – with the Star Wars franchise becoming a cash cow.

It’s not as though, without ABC, franchises like Star Wars and Mickey Mouse & Friends would suddenly become unavailable to watch on sources like Netflix and Hulu. And if the ABC brand is reduced to pushing a left-wing agenda in everything it broadcasts, it does not seem they have any kind of financial strategy, anyway.



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