NBCUniversal to Shut Down Esquire Network

This story is a little late, but it was definitely inevitable to report. The Comcast/NBCUniversal-owned Esquire Network is folding.

Variety reports that the network will go out of business by mid-year; it will remain on the internet, but so what? The reason why this network is closing down is because it is named after a magazine – Esquire (owned by the Hearst Corporation) – with a circulation of only 700,000, and it only averaged about 141,000 viewers. In television, you simply cannot expect something to be successful just because the name of a magazine or foreign network is on there. Just look at what happened with Al Jazeera America.

People are watching television and going to the movies much less these days, preferring to use streaming services like Netflix and Hulu for content; which pretty much helps explain why AT&T wants Time Warner, the parent company of CNN and Warner Bros. Pictures. So, if a major broadcast or cable television network wants to remain viable. It has to earn an audience. You can’t just expect to get one just because people already know the namesake brand or – in the case of Esquire – subscribe to the namesake magazine.



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