CBS News Does Disgusting, Sympathetic Puff Piece on Criminal Aliens in Maryland Rape Case

As you may know, there was a long blackout on a major story (at least on the three major broadcasters) involving two criminal aliens charged with rape after an incident at Rockville High School. So, when I saw a story about the suspects involved, and how the 14-year-old victim “wanted” this to happen to her on the official CBS News website, I couldn’t believe it:

In a court filing Monday, Sanchez’ lawyer Andrew Jezic said the girl agreed in text messages to have sex with Montano.

CBS affiliate WUSA-TV reports Jezic said he has seen the texts between Montano and the alleged victim.

“There was an agreement the night before and also actions taken by both of them to meet in the middle of the morning for one purpose, for a sexual liaison,” Jezic said.

Jezic said “the evidence will show” that the victim was not “completely helpless,” WUSA-TV reports.

So, according to CBS News, this whole situation is the girl’s fault, and the two illegal aliens need our sympathy. That is insane. Can you imagine surfing the internet and suddenly coming across a story sympathizing with criminals? This is why people don’t trust any kind of “mainstream” media anymore, whether it may be news, sitcoms, dramas, or what have you.

This isn’t the first time CBS used any of these platforms to sympathize with criminal aliens. Last year, the network used an episode of their popular drama NCIS to lecture their audience on this issue. This probably was not star and executive producer Mark Harmon’s choice, but the choice of the higher-ups at the network. Like its ‘big three’ competitors, CBS is so enriched into their ideology that they don’t care whether or not they alienate Middle America, they just want to push their open borders point of view on the rest of us.



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