Changes to Carolina Culture Warrior

For those of you who are new to my writings, I usually write about the liberal bias in television shows and blockbuster films being released today, whether they may be subtle or in-your-face.

When I first started the blog, some of the content was pretty over the top. For example, I would call anybody who liked arthouse movies an elitist who is blind to what the whole of the American public wants. I also had the tendency to say that individual people were “despicable”. Again, it was over the top, and it generalized a group of people – making the posts no better than what the left spews out any day.

So, as you may have noticed…since we are now doing cross-postings for the Media Research Center and its NewsBusters website, Carolina Culture Warrior will not focus on people like that anymore – especially since it’s very easy to attack them personally. CCW will also be changing the way we talk about these things, and will be focusing solely on the content that comes out rather than the individual person who makes it. Plus, if there is any person or group that is blind to what mass audiences want, we will call them out on it.

Above all, I do not want to waste your time. This blog will now only focus on movie reviews, exposure of TV propaganda, and info on pop culture as a whole.



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