The Most Outrageously Liberal Scripted TV Quotes of 2017 (So Far)

As demonstrated before, ABC, CBS, and NBC have become increasingly relentless in attacking conservatives, Christians, and President Trump. And it’s not just in newscasts, but also scripted programs.

Here are the most outrageous instances of liberal propaganda in scripted television so far.

Superior Donuts (CBS) – Black Jesus and the Wall in One Joke

This one was obviously going to happen. Not only do the writers smear Christianity, but they also lament about Hillary Clinton and the wall that serves as one of Trump’s promises:

Maya: It’s amazing. What do you call it?

Franco: Well, I call it, uh, Black Jesus Riding a Skateboard Battles Satan on a Pony.

Arthur: So, where’s Satan?

Franco: Be right back!

Randy: Is it weird that I’m attracted to Jesus?

James: Is it weird that I am?

Franco: All right. (Whoops) Make way for Satan! Make way for the Prince of Darkness!


Fawz: The walls are supposed to keep the good ones like me in, not out. I should have voted for the woman.

Quantico (ABC) – The ACLU Will Save Us All!

This was totally predictable. Despite being one of the lowest-rated shows on ABC, it got renewed by the network anyway (even though they cancelled one of their Friday-night anchor sitcoms, despite much higher ratings). We can see why, as it’s one of the most blatantly left-wing scripted shows on television. Painting Peter Thiel as a terrorist is one thing, but painting the ACLU as heroes is another.


Alex: This is a phone call, not moments ago, with Russian intelligence operatives were striking a deal with our president. America is now a puppet state to a hostile power, and I know this because — because I gave that power the intelligence to do it, to show you, the American people, that our president is a criminal. This government — run by a rogue cabal of self-serving elitists — they’ve stolen the presidency, used fear to control us, manipulated events to serve their greater goal — a power grab to take this country away from the ideals it was founded on, to subvert this great nation’s Constitution, its laws, its norms. Well, that ends today. You all know what Roarke was willing to do to keep his presidency. You heard it for yourself. Well, now you’re gonna know every crime that he and his fellow compatriots committed.


Will: Release everything we’ve got.

Alex: Which is why I’m gonna release every secret that Roarke was so desperate to hide to a hundred major law firms and civil-rights organizations, including the ACLU. America deserves the truth and nothing less. Yes, this is highly classified and incriminating intelligence. And, yes, I have violated…

Roarke: Get her! Get over there!

Alex: So many laws by leaking this to you, the people. But this country will not fix itself in the shadows anymore. The light is all we have, and the truth is all we can trust. So resist. Fight back. That’s what I did and will always do for my country!

Great News (NBC) – Ivanka is Worthy of Hate

The title alone sounds like this is a show only the media elites would love. It usually takes a season or two for a sitcom to reveal its true colors, Great News smites the right demo the very first episode. When news anchors Chuck Pierce (John Michael Higgins) and Portia (Nicole Richie) are conversing about potential stories for their broadcast, this following (and completely unnecessary) exchange involving Ivanka Trump occurs:

Chuck: You know who I hate?

Portia: Ivanka Trump? Same. You know, she farted in my face at SoulCycle.

Scandal (ABC) – Trump Supporters Are Racist Terrorsts

Good news, the newly-renewed show’s seventh season will be its last (Thank God!). Bad news, that won’t stop it from pushing every radical progressive talking point it can before it ends, even painting Trump supporters as murderers and racists:

Quinn: Robert Edward Barnes — “Bobby” to his white supremacists friends.

Charlie: Bobby the Bigot? You want the President to pardon a church bomber? I know we like the challenge, but –

Quinn: No, not the bigot — Shaun Campbell, the one serving a life sentence for killing the bigot.

Shaun: Bobby Barnes put that pipe bomb under a pew right before a Sunday service. I heard the explosion from my house. He killed eight people — women, kids. We all knew someone who died. We all knew who did it.

Quinn: But despite all the evidence against him, Bobby the Bigot was acquitted by an all-white jury of his peers.

Huck: This is my surprised face.


Shaun: He was a terrorist and he walked. I guess where I’m from, we should be used to that kind of thing, but it didn’t change the fact that we wanted justice. We were hungry for it. The cops knew it, and so did Bobby. And he — he rubbed our faces in it.

Quinn: Bobby the Bigot returned home to a hero’s welcome among his fellow bigots. It didn’t take long before him and his white-power posse were running around town like the bad guys in “Road House.”


Charlie: No physical evidence — nada?

Quinn: They didn’t need any. Shaun was black.

Huck: And from the same part of town as that church.

Charlie: Guys, I think there might be something wrong with our justice system.

Huck: It gets worse. Because of the lynching, they charged Shaun with a hate crime, making it a federal offense.


Charlie: No physical evidence — nada?

Quinn: They didn’t need any. Shaun was black.

Huck: And from the same part of town as that church.

Charlie: Guys, I think there might be something wrong with our justice system.

Huck: It gets worse. Because of the lynching, they charged Shaun with a hate crime, making it a federal offense.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) – Christians are Homophobic Rape Apologists

Continuing a long tradition of trashing anything that doesn’t support NBC’s progressive agenda, SVU viciously stereotyped all Christians as wanting to use rape in order to cure homosexuality. Of course that is not true. If you want proof, then check out this Pew Research Center poll  finding that most US Christians are now okay with accepting the LGBT community.

Cheryl: I’m pleading with you, Lieutenant. Don’t make my daughter testify. She will be shunned by the church, our community. This is a private matter.

Benson: No, it’s not, anymore. A crime has been committed. So now, unfortunately, this is a public matter.

Cheryl: I don’t understand. Why are you making her do this?

Benson: I only asked your daughter to tell me the truth. And she told me that that’s something that she valued.

Cheryl: The truth is Lucas Hull tried to save her soul.

Benson: The truth is that your daughter was sexually assaulted.

Cheryl: I knew she should never have come to New York. Now her father is–he can’t even bring himself to come here.

Reverend: Cheryl, Cheryl, please. Let’s just go. They think their secular law takes precedent over God’s law. But they’ll find out they’re wrong.
Benson: So they’re saying that rape is okay if it’s done for religious reasons.

Barba: Huh. I don’t remember reading that in the Bible.

Lawyer: The church to which both Lucas Hull and Ann Davenport belong holds firm in its belief that homosexuality is sinful and that curative intercourse is the appropriate remedy. Therefore, there was tacit consent.

Barba: This argument is ridiculous.

Lawyer: All religion is ridiculous to the non-believer. That’s the basis for religious discrimination. In both Cantwell versus Connecticut and Hobby Lobby–
Lawyer: In the eyes of the Lord– the ultimate judge– my client is innocent. So I refuse to let Lucas plead guilty.

Barba: Well, with all due respect to the Almighty, His laws are meaningless when it comes to sexual assault.




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