Hallmark Launches New Drama-themed Cable Network Aimed at Families in October

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes an announcement from Hallmark Cards’ Crown Media Holdings division that a new drama-themed cable network aimed at family audiences will be launching in the fall, titled Hallmark Drama.

According to Parade magazine, the new channel – which is set to launch October 1 – will spotlight movies and shows from the company’s library of original dramatic content and feature new original programming:

Featuring a wholly distinct lineup from Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama’s programming will evoke the rich legacy and spirit of Hallmark Hall of Fame, the most award-winning and longest-running primetime series in the history of television. In addition to spotlighting movies and series from Crown Media’s vast library of original dramatic content, plans are underway for new, original programming to be produced exclusively for the network.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Hallmark Channel (or the critically-acclaimed Hallmark Hall of Fame franchise that inspired it and now airs on it), it is one of the few family-friendly television networks in the country right now. Sure, the greeting card company that owns it caved in to the LGBT crowd not long ago, but so what? Earlier this year, I talked about how one of its most popular shows – When Calls the Heart – is a relief to watch on television with many cable channels (more specifically Viacom-owned networks like MTV and Nickelodeon) breaking up the family unit any way they can:

As families have all but disintegrated in this country, as mainstream popular culture takes away the innocence of children at younger ages, and as Hollywood celebrities force-feed their liberal views on the rest of us, it’s definitely a welcome relief for more than half the American population who is conservative to finally be able to watch a TV entertainment program that doesn’t insult their values or have an episode drive them away from watching again because it got infected by its network’s liberal culture.

And that paragraph continues to hold up to this day, especially with the launch of this new service. For example, if you watch television dramas on most of cable or on ABC, CBS, and NBC (and FOX and The CW to a certain extent), many of them not only feature endless smut, but also promote any kind of liberal cause of the day, not to mention shove anti-Trump activism down our throats. You’ve probably seen many examples of this on my blog and on NewsBusters.

On the other hand, Hallmark’s cable channels are a different animal. Outside of When Calls the Heart, there are corny romanic comedies that could only serve as guilty pleasures for the manliest of men (including this writer), and especially made-for-TV Christmas movies that can be enjoyed by anybody at any age. But through it all, most of the programming on these channels have something in them for everyone, especially children. And that’s something the television world is missing nowadays. The MRC’s Dan Gainor brilliantly put it this way:

Let’s not forget that the altleft controls Hollywood. Rather than complain about the only family friendly channel on TV, why not create more such content? Oh yeah, because liberals hate it.

Well said, Dan. Let’s hope days after the launch of this new channel, the day of tolerating smut on TV dramas is done.



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