COLUMN: Trashing the Suburbs, George Clooney Style

Just in time for Oscar season, the Paramount Pictures film Suburbicon will be released this coming October. The film, starring far-left bomb throwers Matt Damon and Julianne Moore and directed by fellow progressive George Clooney, focuses on an Eisenhower-era couple who moves to a Suburb and expose their racism to other people, and – in the process – exposes the racism that supposedly lurks in all suburban neighborhoods across the America of that era.

Clooney, Damon, and Moore couldn’t care less about whether or not they alienate the very people who made them rich at the box office. You could opine that it is wrong to condemn a film without seeing it, especially since we’re only one month away from its release. This case is an exception, as this movie is being made by people who have never been born – or grew up – in the 1950’s. Clooney has the absolute nerve to paint Suburban America – and those who grew up or were born in the ’50s in the worst light possible.

This brutally-reviewed depiction of revisionist history will no doubt be displayed prominently on websites like Salon, and will be used as a recruiting tool for “safe-space” activists on college campuses – even those in the Carolinas. Clooney, Damon, and Moore couldn’t care less about alienating a majority of their audience to the extent they have. Clooney in particular has seen a series of recent flops, the worst of them all being Disney’s Tomorrowland, which set the company back at least $140 million according to The Hollywood Reporter. This film could possibly continue his losing streak. As one of my readers brilliantly pointed out this past Labor Day, “Liberal Hollywood is too emotionally invested in their agenda to do anything else.”

In a free society, George Clooney has a right to make this despicable movie as demonstrated last week. The money he made through films such as The Perfect Storm and the 2001 Ocean’s Eleven remake over a decade ago – as well as the First Amendment to the Constitution – gives him that right. How ironic. Clooney using his freedom and money to bash the very people that gave him the fame and fortune he has now, not to mention worsening racial tensions in America. How can you live with yourself when you pull garbage like this?

Even during the Republican presidencies of Reagan, and the two Bush’s, Hollywood mostly didn’t make films that trashed Middle America like this. And while millionaires like Clooney rant about how racist America is on-screen and off, average Americans are struggling to even put food on the table thanks to high taxes. Picture Clooney and his million dollar house and Rolls-Royce with middle class families having a hard time make ends meet. It would definitely make for an interesting movie scene.

Hollywood has had its worst summer movie season in in 25 years, could it be because of all the countless remakes, sequels, and leftist propaganda pieces such as Suburbicon are part of that problem? It definitely exposes how Americans in areas outside of New York City, Los Angeles, and other urban areas have had enough of the garbage Hollywood shoves in their faces nowadays.

There is no excuse for Suburbicon. The 1950’s didn’t make a lot of progress for sure (as the Civil Rights Movement didn’t take place until the 60’s), but you don’t paint the 50’s as an era of institutionalized bigotry. It does nothing more than fan the flames of social hatred even more than they’re being flamed now.

Tom Hanks is a liberal too, but the one thing you have to give him credit for is that he loves his fans – not to mention he is one of the few Hollywood A-listers who wished the current commander-in-chief success after he was elected in a free and fair election. And I believe he wouldn’t go as far to alienate his audience with an in-your-face propaganda piece like Suburbicon. That this movie is being distributed by a studio owned by the left-wing Viacom empire is also no surprise.



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