COLUMN: Sexual Harassment Allegations Mount Up in Tinsletown

The saga surrounding Harvey Weinstein has sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. As a result of these allegations, more stories of sexual harassment allegations surrounding major figures have popped out. Two of the most recent include Hollywood legend Kevin Spacey and former Nickelodeon cartoonist Chris Savino.

In Spacey’s case, he is a very well-known actor. He played the role of Bobby Darin in a biopic about his life and singing career called Beyond the Sea, and before then, did the voice of Hopper, the antagonist of Pixar Animation Studios’ second film A Bug’s Life. He wouldn’t come to prominence until starring as Frank Underwood in Netflix original series House of Cards. It was definitely an iconic role because of how it personified what most people hated about politics. As an example of this, here is a snippet from a piece from House of Cards screenwriter Brian Davidson wrote on NewsBusters just two years ago:

Frank Underwood is a villain… Of Shakespearean magnitude! Nor does he want you to approve Frank’s actions — especially here. This scene echoes another from last season, where Frank begins to pray to God but stops, “No, I pray to myself.” Making himself God’s equal. He says he doesn’t believe, but yet he’s threatened by God’s power.

Frank cannot erase his sin(s)…  When Frank tries to wipe away his spit, the statue falls before he even touches it. A falling crucifix traditionally means God’s blessing is gone…so we can’t help but see this as God’s answer: “I will not forgive your crimes or (allow you to) blot out your sins from my sight” (Jeremiah 18:23).

Frank is not God’s President…  Playing Samuel to Frank’s Saul, the Bishop tells Frank the only way to lead is “serve the Lord and through that you serve others. Two rules: love God, love each other. Period.” (Mark 12:28-34—Christ’s greatest command!) You weren’t chosen, Mr. President, only (Christ) was.” So when Frank spits—disobeying God’s first rule—and the statue falls, it’s clear: God does not choose Frank (in every sense of the word).

Frank is going down…  What really chaps Frank’s pride is the Bishop’s words: “no such thing as absolute power for us, except on the receiving end.” Warning him Christ rose by dying, not by “serving himself” as Frank does.  Reminding us when ‘Christ’ falls (dying), it doesn’t mean Frank wins…it’s foreshadowing Christ will kick Frank’s ass!

Quite a biting transcription of how villainous Spacey’s character is. Little did we know how villainous Spacey would be in real life. TV Guide reports that he allegedly sexually harassed openly gay Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp, then 14 years old. This has led to Netflix eventually suspending production of what would have been House of Cards‘ sixth and final season. However, this isn’t the only instance of sexual harassment allegations that were made post-Weinstein.

Last month, the Viacom-owned children’s cable channel Nickelodeon – perhaps infamous for allowing a smutty rap song to be performed on their recent Kids’ Choice Awardsfired Chris Savino, a cartoonist best-known as the creator of the popular GLAAD Media Award-winning cartoon The Loud House. That series got headlines back in 2016 for introducing the bi-racial gay parents of the main protagonist’s best friend. Savino did apologize for his behavior, but these allegations – if true – probably would prevent anyone from getting work again. So far, GLAAD has not responded to a request for comment on this matter, but if they do, I will let you know what they say.

There are more allegations, including Dustin Hoffman and Rush Hour director/producer Brett Ratner (who recently got fired from Warner Bros.), but there is unfortunately no room on this space to talk about them. Hopefully, none of the allegations are true and all of the above Hollywood stars are able to convince future employers that they are false in the end.  One final note, it should be stressed that these ongoing allegations are just that – allegations. It has not been confirmed that these people have done what they did. But, there is no denying that these allegations have badly hurt the American film industry in the eyes of average citizens. One thing is for sure, you can expect even more of this to go on in the future.



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