WATCH: Disgusting Attack Ad in Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Perhaps the most vicious political ad in the upcoming Gubernatorial election in Virginia aired recently on Comcast markets in the Richmond and Washington, D.C. areas. The ad depicts minority children being chased down by a confederate flag-waiving white pickup driver who wants to chase them down and run them over, only to end up being a Latino boy’s nightmare. In light of the recent terror attack in New York, the ad was pulled from the airwaves:

The ad was put out by two despicable human beings. Far-left actress Eva Longoria is a notorious bomb thrower, the former Desperate Housewives star has made a career out of doing stuff like this. Most notably, she took to Twitter during the 2012 presidential election and called Mitt Romney a “racist misogynistic twat”, which even got negative criticism from fellow liberals including the late Alan Colmes of Fox News. And Henry R. Muñoz III, the son of farm labor activist Henry “The Fox” Munoz, Jr., had a hand in the ad as well.

Not to be left out, this atrocious ad continues the pattern of behavior sanctioned by the co-chairs of Disney Media Networks. They are Disney-ABC Television Group chief Ben Sherwood and ESPN boss John Skipper. They should be ashamed, but are anything but.



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