Freeform Promotes Cultural Collapse with ‘A Little Forward’ Campaign

WARNING: The following post contains a clip with explicit content. 

Ask the hard-working animators and artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios or its sister studio Pixar what good storytelling is, and they’ll give you an unrivaled description. Both studios live up to Walt Disney’s original promise to put out great movies, and have done so ever since their 2006 merger – with the former’s reputation being revived after a string of flops in the early 2000’s

Ask their ideological corporate cousins at the Freeform cable channel, and they will say a good story means graphic sex scenes, vulgar dialogue, and SJW propaganda (of course!) that makes MTV look like Little House on the Prairie.

With that groundwork, Freeform has a new campaign called “A Little Forward,” which channels MSNBC’s failed “Lean Forward” slogan and signals its complete transformation into a “safe space” channel aimed at teenagers. It should tell you they’re not hiding their radical progressive ideology anymore:

Freeform president Tom Ascheim gushed about his network’s new direction, “At Freeform, we’re purposefully and passionately moving our brand forward by defying expectations and dismantling conventions; busting stereotypes of theme, cast and culture in service to a more inclusive world on and off screen.”

Talk about hypocrisy on Ascheim’s part. One of the shows on the promo – Alone Together – showed its audience how its cast and crew really feel about conservatives and Republicans. That doesn’t even include other scenes in this promo showing a lesbian sex scene in a bathroom, three women walking outside topless, and one woman talking about her vagina. And you wonder why there are so many sexual harassment allegations in the journalism industry and in Hollywood, with mega-producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey being the biggest examples of those whose reputations were ruined due to their alleged predatory behavior.

Can you imagine babysitting or parenting a young child watching Frozen on the network, and all of a sudden seeing this promo pop up? How about working as an animator at Disney Animation and Pixar or a cast member at any of Disney’s theme park destinations? The people who especially work at the parks obviously wouldn’t be pleased about their founder’s legacy being tarnished by this MTV wannabe, let alone want his name associated with it.

It’s almost impossible to believe that this network is owned by a big name in entertainment like Disney. But at the same time, it’s not surprising. As repeatedly demonstrated, the man who runs the division that owns the network, Ben Sherwood, has infected most of his television operations – including ABC – with progressive agitprop (which could possibly get worse if Sherwood hires Jeff Zucker from CNN to take over the struggling ESPN). And unfortunately, that probably won’t change, even if the historic deal to buy 21st Century Fox is approved and completed.

With networks like Freeform promoting this kind of garbage, it’s no wonder why linear cable is struggling with the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Disney’s upcoming service called DisneyLife. This kind of disruption is even leading to some channels shutting down; just look at what happened to NBCUniversal’s Chiller at the dawn of the new year.

If the liberal elites at Freeform really believed in inclusion, then they would have diversity of thought in their scripted and unscripted programming, and not allow graphic language and sex scenes of any kind – or alienate a majority of Americans by pushing a left-wing agenda.

Again, people are watching less linear TV and more on streaming services. So if a major cable network wants to remain viable, it has to aim at everyone; you can’t just alienate potential customers. Of course, that’s something the folks at Freeform have intentionally chosen to not understand.



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