COLUMN: Universal Pictures Gets Political

Sometimes, talking about the American entertainment industry can be disheartening. If you are familiar with this space, you have probably read constantly about just how much worse the industry can get, especially when it comes to leading the charge against President Trump since last year.

Here’s a recent example. As MRC Culture’s Matt Philbin reported a few days ago, CBS is developing a TV series based on the life of former attorney general Eric Holder. And the executive producer is none other than Holder himself. With news like that, you know this will be self-serving liberal drivel. As for CBS, the network has made a corporate decision to alienate a majority of conservatives who watch their popular police and military dramas.

Mainstream Hollywood is going to push this far-left agenda like never before, especially when the 2020 presidential election rolls around. Universal Pictures – a division of the reliably liberal NBCUniversal – uses the perfect example for the latest installment in The Purge series of horror films set for release on Independence Day (how nice) called The First Purge.

Judging from the trailer, it should tell you everything you need to know about how in-your-face Universal will be with this one. This kind of disrespect for decency and those who aren’t affluent liberals in the big cities or social justice warriors on college campuses, as well as the president himself, is all over mainstream Hollywood.

Combine that with the Freeform cable network doubling down on being a smut-fest, it’s clear that there is a political and cultural civil war going on right now, and it will continue to play out until the end of the 2020 presidential election.

If you read MRC Culture, they tell you about this in more detail. Reviews for episodes of the TV shows they watch in particular say exactly which ones take ideological positions whether they be on network or cable television.

The Purge is perhaps one of the most overtly politically charged film franchises in recent history, with the last film in the series – The Purge: Election Year – taking place in the last presidential election. That’s no surprise, as NBCUniversal is perhaps one of the most left-wing media giants out there. Had any of the major studios done a movie like this targeting Obama, there would be boycotts against that particular film.

However, most Republicans and conservatives aren’t snowflakes. They can fight their own battles, and they don’t need to advocate for “safe spaces” like most college kids think they do today. But, you do need to know what’s going on. And you can’t deny that most of the American media, especially Hollywood, is going to get its collective message that it hates the majority of average Americans out to the public.



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