COLUMN: Winners & Losers in Entertainment – Dawn of March

This week’s Winners & Losers in Entertainment chronicles a family-oriented series teaching moral lessons never seen in most TV shows nowadays, as well as a spinoff of an already liberal TV series for “pushing the envelope” and fulfilling the fantasy of a Trump getting impeached.

Winner – Hallmark Channel, Moral Lesson in When Calls the Heart

You may remember a previous column focusing on the Hallmark Channel original series starring Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing and Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin. It focuses on the reasons why the show makes its parent network one of the fastest growing destinations on cable. One of those reasons is because it’s one of the few shows with moral lessons that anybody can learn, regardless of what political spectrum you belong to.

Last week’s episode provides a perfect example.

It had young teacher Elizabeth Thatcher tell one of her students (after he got into a fight with a classmate) that it was okay to disagree with someone, but resorting to violence only makes matters worse, not better.

It’s not often we see a lesson like that in today’s television programming, and it’s good that the Hallmark Channel continues to understand what today’s entertainment industry is missing, especially as America is becoming more and more divided. And for that, they deserve the Winner spot.

Loser – CBS, Vicious Anti-Trump Propaganda in The Good Fight

CBS is at it again, alienating the same flyover country audience that watches its highest rated shows NCIS and Blue Bloods, and it happens to be a smutty spinoff of the reliably liberal Good Wife television drama currently airing on the network’s All Access streaming service. NewsBusters’ Scott Whitlock reports that the show has decided to fulfill the liberal fantasy of impeaching President Trump for racial injustice among other things. Star Christine Baranski was giddy over this plot line on CBS This Morning:

GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS ANCHOR: Christine Baranski, welcome back to the table. I love that scene where she says, “Why not go with no devil,” which I absolutely agree with. But the thing I think about this show that is great is that you guys really push the envelope. You talk about white supremacy, referring to the President of the United States. You talk about racial injustice. You talk about sexual harassment. It really pushes the envelope. Is that what you like about it?

CHRISTINE BARANSKI, ACTRESS: Well, I don’t see how if you’re doing a show with characters that are living in our surreal time, how you cannot address what is, you know, a world off its axis. And so it addresses exactly the world that —

KING: In realtime.

BARANSKI: And they’re lawyers, so that is their reality. They have to do cases on sexual harassment and white supremacy or gun violence or —  so I think more than ever — I’ve been playing with the character for nine years and never had more fun. It’s never been more rock and roll in terms of the writing. This character of Diane Lockhart, very pulled together, beautiful clothes, always the grown-up in the room, elegant, eloquent. She gets unhinged. You watch —  she’s addicted to cable news. She can’t believe what she’s watching. You know, can we relate to this?

Who’s “we”? Would “we” be entertainment industry elites like Baranski who have disdain, even contempt, for Middle America? CBS must be very proud to have a show as arrogantly partisan as The Good Fight on their airwaves, even if it’s the network’s paid subscription service. The people at the Tiffany network get the Loser spot.



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