‘Saturday Night Live’ Declares War on Middle America

The NBC sketch comedy Saturday Night Live is the quintessential series of its genre. Since it debuted in 1975, it has put who are now some of the most well-known comedians in the country on the map. Among them include Will Farrell, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider, David Spade, Dennis Miller, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and Netflix star Adam Sandler. Fallon in particular is trying to fill in the shoes of Johnny Carson (and succeeding in one way or another).

The reason why SNL was so successful was because it had sketches that made it worth watching. And when it came to political satire, it was always balanced – making good-hearted jabs on political figures from both sides of the political spectrum, especially our 41st president, George Bush.

Now, those days are long gone. This past weekend, the sketch show allowed porn star (and darling of the progressive movement) Stormy Daniels to make a surprise cameo appearance in a cold open featuring host Ben Stiller – who played Michael Cohen in the sketch. Alec Baldwin and his buffoonish Trump character returned for the intro as well:

The reaction from some mainstream news sources (especially CNN and NBC News) was unsurprisingly gleeful , with praise being brought on to Daniels as well as Baldwin’s usual Trump schtick. Conservatives like former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly had a different reaction. On his website, O’Reilly said this:

It doesn’t matter whether you approve of President Trump or not.  He’s currently in charge of the country and Ms. Daniels is making his job much harder.  And for what?  Could it be money?  She’s already been paid for her alleged tryst but apparently wants more cash and notoriety.  Again, why is that worthy of applause?

Quite a seething paragraph. On a personal note, O’Reilly lost all the respect I had for him after he was accused of sexual harassment last year. But in this case, he is proven correct. Keep in mind that SNL has not only mocked Trump, his supporters and Republicans as a whole, but has also mocked Middle America’s interests. And no, I’m not talking about ABC’s revival of the crude sitcom Roseanne – which is still seeing high ratings for the network despite falling from its records (and has also been attacked by the Hollywood left for its portrayal of a sympathetic Trump supporter), I’m talking about an apolitical, family-oriented network I’ve mentioned in this space numerous times before.

Los Angeles Times piece from last fall explains how fare on the Hallmark Channel has captured the hearts of the rest of the country – especially around Christmastime, while coastal elites and the press are into shows like the Christian-bashing Hulu original series The Handmaid’s Tale. Echoing an article in the online magazine Slate, the SNL crew decided to – among other things – invoke race into Hallmark’s Christmas fare in an unaired skit featuring liberal anti-Trump actor James Franco:

These Hallmark movies, although perfect for holiday viewing, can be good for satire – as they can be predictable and formulaic most of the time. But for the SNL cast and crew to insert racially-charged jokes as well as cheap shots at Christian actresses like Candace Cameron Bure into the sketch destroyed what would have been a good-hearted jab at the network.

So with the Stormy Daniels cameo on the recent episode, it’s obvious that the people at Saturday Night Live have, as Christian Toto perfectly pointed out, exposed their unrelenting liberal bias and bubble-dwelling by declaring war on anyone that doesn’t fall in line with their progressive mentality. But it’s no accident, especially since it airs on the reliably liberal NBC, which has been out of touch with flyover country for quite some time as seen in the recent Will & Grace revival. When will enough be enough?



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