COLUMN: Will Turner’s ‘Looney’ Behavior Taint the Reputation of AT&T?

WARNING: This post contains quotes with harsh language.

In June, Warner Bros. announced it was bringing back its iconic Looney Tunes franchise of cartoons in 2019, and would produce over 1,000 minutes of content that will be faithful to the classic shorts.

But, if you can’t wait for the twisted and unpredictable antics of characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and others to come any closer, don’t fret. There’s an ongoing Looney Tunes cartoon going on in most of the content coming from Warner’s corporate cousins at Turner Broadcasting.

First, there’s obviously CNN where people like Jim Acosta continue to make complete and utter fools out of themselves every day as the MRC’s Curtis Houck has documented many times.

But it’s not just CNN, it’s happening with most of the programming on TBS and TNT as well… even on the scripted content that airs on both channels. Here’s an example from a recent episode of the TNT show Claws:

Desna: This bitch is having an abortion.

Jennifer: Girl, she’ll be fine. I had two. I didn’t think twice about it.

Older lady: At least she can get one. Back in Texas, they were illegal. I had to go to that nice lady in the deli for mine.

Black woman: Oh, my Lord. You are all going to hell.

Polly: Where’s my dad going? He raped my babysitter. Thank God she could have one.

Desna: Polly, you never told us that.

PollY: You never asked.

Woman: Look, I think women should have the right to choose, but some need to choose a condom. I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Quiet Ann: You’re not paying for anything.

Woman: My tax dollars are.

Quiet Ann: That’s some alt-right bullshit.

Woman: Well, at least these women can have kids.

Desna: It’s about a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her own body.

Quiet Ann: Yeah, I got pregnant when I was real young, and I didn’t want to have a kid, but my parents were against abortion, and they made me. And I got attached to that kid. Sofia. And one day I got home, and Sofia was sent to California to live with some church friends. I never saw her again.

Desna: Ann, I’m — I’m so sorry.

For starters, it’s hard to believe this filth was given the okay by the people at Turner Broadcasting.

What is AT&T thinking? They should know that by buying a company like WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner), they’re going to risk ruining a long-earned reputation – which started with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone – by owning an enterprise that has allowed filth like this for quite some time.

For the record, Ted Turner himself may be liberal, but he never would have allowed anything like this on a single one of his networks’ airwaves – let alone allow graphic profanity to be spewed out to impressionable people – had he still run his media empire. My, how times have changed.

If Turner were a conservative company using its television channels to shove its agenda down the throats of viewers, odds are that both the media and Hollywood would run wild. But, when the reverse is true? Silence.

AT&T might want to think about fixing up these television networks now that they own what used to be Time Warner. Not doing so could be very well alienate a lot of customers who use their wireless and/or satellite TV services, especially with the insanity that’s being allowed on most of the television operations that came with the landmark transaction.



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