Freeform Doubles Down on Stupid with Promo Featuring Babies

UPDATE: The promo has apparently been removed from Freeform’s circulation as well as their official YouTube page. But it’s too little too late, and the damage is done.

You may remember earlier this year when I chronicled how far to the left the Walt Disney Company-owned Freeform cable channel (formerly ABC Family, and before that, The Family Channel) has become. But, just when you thought the liberal network couldn’t possibly sink any lower, it did.

While reviewing a recent episode of the network’s trashy teen dramedy The Bold Type – which recently shamed a character for not checking her “white privilege,” NewsBusters columnist (DISCLOSURE: some of my writings are cross-posted on NewsBusters) Dawn Slusher came upon something very bizarre.

One of the network’s recent promos – set to the song The Future is Female by leftist musical act Madame Gandhi – is wanting its audience of millennials to indoctrinate their babies (if they ever plan on having kids) into advocating for and promoting far-left causes:

It’s almost impossible to believe this promo is on a widely-distributed channel like Freeform. What is Disney thinking? Their recent Pixar movie Incredibles 2 has earned more audiences in terms of theatrical grosses than this network’s original outings – or their cable networks as a whole – will ever get in terms of ratings.

With this promo, Freeform has exposed itself as a network run by far-left loons willing to alienate a majority of its potential audience. Sure, their airings of Disney movies and some of their Christmas fare (in the case of the latter, the lead has since been taken by the Hallmark Channel) are guilty pleasures; but you can only fool people so many times.

If you want to engage in activism, leave it out of the content you produce or star in. No one is stopping you from standing up to political causes you hold near and dear. But, to use what’s supposed to be a mainstream entertainment platform to promote far-left causes – or conservative causes to some extent – is wrong. Not to mention it will turn off a majority of potential viewers; just ask the NFL.

Once again, this also exposes the pattern of behavior of left-wing Disney-ABC Television boss Ben Sherwood. As previously demonstrated, Disney-ABC has become the most liberal operation in the company’s 95 year history.

Mr. Sherwood, being the brother of President Barack Obama’s former Energy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood – as well as a member of George Soros-backed groups like the Center for Public Integrity, has no problem allowing his operations to shove social justice propaganda down the throats of Americans who just want to be entertained after a hard day’s work.

In short, this promo is a new low for Freeform. The best thing Disney can do at this point, especially because of the channel’s ratings problems, is to take this network off the air and move most of its original programming – including The Bold Type – to the FX channel once its deal to buy 21st Century Fox is complete.

It may not fix the problem (as most of FX’s offerings are rated TV-MA), but at least the Mouse House will be able to let go of the Freeform name which, although still relatively new (especially since it was originally ABC Family until 2016), has proven to have a toxic brand of SJW insanity that has basically made it the Gawker of Disney’s entertainment offerings.

There’s no doubt about it, the far-left lunacy this network allows on its airwaves makes MTV look like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.



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