Hollywood Unhinged: Demonizing and Alienating Middle America

It’s an amazing thing to watch, America has gone from the land of the free and the home of the brave to a nation that treats women and minorities as inferior and has people dumb enough to have gun-toters, Fox News watchers, and monster truck drivers; at least if you’re watching any mainstream TV show airing today.

Here’s an example of what Hollywood is putting out nowadays, largely unchallenged by liberal television executives. Joseph Gobbels must be proud.

First, there’s this from the Hulu series Harlots:


Violet: Thank God. He keeps talking to me.

Justice Hunt: Miss Scanwell.

Amelia: I’m here for Violet’s reading lesson.

Justice Hunt: I was surprised to see you this morning. I would not have thought the Wells house a fitting place.

Amelia: Charity comes from strange places.

Justice Hunt: It saddens me that you’re in need of charity. May I be of help?

Amelia: You do much already by allowing me to do the Lord’s work with Violet.

Violet: She feels me, sir, feels my sin.

Justice: Then I will leave you in Miss Scanwell’s good hands.

Amelia: What are you doing?

Violet: I think it’s time I felt your sin.

Finally, check out these recent clips from The Bold Type, which airs on… you guessed it, Freeform:


Jane: Yeah, Arya Stark is a fictional character, who lives in a fantasy world. You live in the real world. Hon, you know it’s crazy to have a gun. That’s why you kept it from me.

Sutton: Maybe I kept it from you because I knew this would be your reaction. Last question.

Jane: What else are you hiding from me? Do you have a MAGA hat? Do you watch “Hannity,” and do you drive a monster truck? Because otherwise, I don’t understand why you have a gun.

Sutton: Ok. We’re done here.


Ryan: I have a friend who’s doing a deep dive into the company, running an exposé on them for “Vice.”
Kat: Huh, what kind of exposé?
Ryan: Well, you know how supposedly they’re super progressive? Turns out their CEO is a big donor to the Family Research Council and the Council of Conservative Citizens.
Kat: Aren’t those, like, racist, anti-LGBTQ groups?
Ryan: Big time.
Kat: Now I know why they wanted me to do it so badly. I mean, who better to inoculate the company when the story breaks than a queer black woman.

Keep in mind, this garbage is being broadcast or streamed to the entire country, with a lot of endorsement or little to no skepticism from executives at the networks responsible for them. Those working in the entertainment industry are afraid to challenge this kind of propaganda, because they’re worried about being targeted by social justice warriors.

As a result, the industry has alienated more than half the population with the antics it has shown on and off screen. One of the few exceptions to that rule is the Hallmark Channel, which this space has repeatedly given shout outs to. And even that’s been attacked by the far-left as well, especially since its programming as well as most other programming catered to anyone other than affluent liberals in the big cities has been snubbed by what is supposed to represent excellence in television production, the Emmy Awards.

This summer, Variety reported on the nominees that were announced for this years Emmys, and with some exceptions being HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and the excellent Netflix series The Crown, they were shows that either carried anti-conservative or anti-American defamation with little to no value to the stories being told or are entirely meant to lecture the rest of America on how bad they are.

Meanwhile, on a recent CNN documentary called The Trump Show, Brian Stelter – a committed far-left zealot masquerading as a journalist – praised shows like The Handmaid’s Tale (one of the recent Emmy nominees) and the revival of the uber-liberal Will & Grace. He went on to laughably claim that they’re not “trying to lecture their audience,” and only have an agenda to entertain. Although if you turn them on, you see otherwise. You rarely see these award shows or people like Stelter praise or give accolades to any programming that celebrates America, has engaging stories with moral lessons, or just serves as feel-good escapism with relatable storylines.

Where are family-friendly shows like Fuller House and When Calls the Heart? Where are pro-American shows like NCIS and Blue Bloods? Where’s the long-running Hallmark Hall of Fame, which was once an Emmy darling? In the worlds of CNN, Brian Stelter, and the modern Emmy Awards, they’re nonexistent. Yet, wooden in-your-face propaganda like Handmaid’s is honored, as is any anti-Trump hit piece disguised as comedy by SNL and late-night hosts like Colbert and Noah.

So, that’s why these social justice warriors use their entertainment programming to spew liberal invective and masquerade it as entertainment; because there’s little downside to it with except for  subscription losses and declining ratings. As this space has demonstrated multiple times, what most of these businesses specializing in content are doing now is accomplishing nothing but the alienation of more than half their potential audience.



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