Ratings for the Emmys Hit Record-Lows

This past July, NewsBusters writer Gabriel Hays predicted that the Emmys would be overtly politicized as it was last year. Unfortunately, as NewsBusters’ Karen Townsend reported this week, those predictions were as correct as those of Hurricane Florence devastating the Carolinas, not counting the fact that it weakened to a Category 1 storm. From Christian-bashing to trashing fans of Last Man Standing and the short-lived Roseanne reboot, this year’s ceremony hit all the notes needed for the most insufferable Emmys in recent history.

Unfortunately, that has cost them viewers once again. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that this year’s Emmys reached a record low, with 10.2 million viewers. Ouch! And it seems to be an unfortunate trend:

Since NBC last aired the Emmys in 2014, the total audience for the show has fallen by 35 percent, and 18-49 ratings have declined by 43 percent. Demo ratings have been down each year; the total-viewer count has fallen in three of the past four years, save for the slight uptick in 2017.

The signs were there from the early numbers: Monday’s Emmy telecast scored a 7.4 household rating in metered markets. That’s the smallest ever metered-market rating for the show (dating back to 1990) and down about 10 percent from the 2017 Emmys on CBS, which narrowly avoided being the least-watched on record.

This is pretty pathetic, especially for an awards ceremony. Even NFL football, itself experiencing ratings problems since the Colin Kaepernick controversy, had 3 times the viewers than the Emmys did. That’s how bad it is.

It seems that awards ceremonies nowadays can’t even let the entertainment industry congratulate itself by not only giving awards to smut-filled “art” like Westworld, but are willing to alienate more than half the population by trashing anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal line.

This is even true for awards shows that are aimed at children and tweens. Remember the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon earlier this year? That too was blatantly left-wing with its endorsement of the anti-2nd Amendment March for Our Lives protests.

However, the good news is that as a result of the increasing politicization of our culture, people are tuning out, especially in the case of the Emmys. People are sick and tired of being ignored, or even mocked and smeared on live TV, by the Hollywood elite, and it shows – especially by the recent ratings recorded from the Emmys.



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