Winners & Losers in Entertainment: Halloween Edition

Halloween is just around the corner, and what’s scarier than a horror movie is how Hollywood has been behaving in these uncertain cultural times by pushing a left-wing agenda where it has no time or place. That said, there are some winners every now and then in the culture, and those have to be given a shout out as well. So, without further ado, here are this season’s Winners & Losers in Entertainment.

Winner: Last Man Standing on Fox – Great Ratings

You may remember when the Fox Broadcasting Company announced they were picking up the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing from ABC (which, ironically, is becoming a sister operation LMS distributor 20th Century Fox into the fold due to Disney’s acquisition of Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment operations).

Last week, premiere on Fox garnered over 8 million viewers. That viewership number is very consistent with episodes that had aired last season when the show was still on ABC. It just goes to show that conservative-leaning television is still a huge sell, especially on over-the air networks like Fox. The network, as well as the Last Man Standing crew as a whole, are clear winners.

Winner: Star – Pro-Life Message

On the subject of Fox shows, there is a drama on the network called Star that serves as a spinoff of a liberal television program called Empire, which airs on that same network. Star usually is a social justice warrior’s dream, but a character on the program made a decision you would never see a character make on certain television programming:

Mateo: All Right, Star. Looks like all the questions are for you.

Star: All right. Well, I’m happy to announce that I am pregnant. And I don’t intend on that slowing down my career in the slightest. If you want to keep up with my music, follow my IG and my website for updates.

Reporter: @Charlene321 wants to know how come you haven’t revealed who the father is? And what type of role model do you claim to be?

Star: That is personal.

Simone: Yeah. Can we get back to the film?

Reporter: When Ms. Davis answers the question.

Noah: She ain’t got to answer nothing. Next question.

It’s good to know the writers didn’t force the title lead character to choose between a baby and a career. If you want to know more about the episode, check out the recent review of the episode that featured the storyline by NewsBusters’ Rebecca Dawns. Once again, the folks at the Fox network are winners – in this case, Star.

Loser: Disney-ABC Television President Ben Sherwood – Toxic Leftist Culture

As demonstrated many times in this space, the American Broadcasting Company – ABC – has been in trouble for quite some time. If their newly-revived TGIF lineup fails on Friday nights this fall, then the whole ABC operation will be doomed for yet another year. Disney-ABC Television president Ben Sherwood has destroyed that once-great broadcast network, and now – as predicted during the birth of the Disney-Fox merger – he’s leaving once the deal closes.

As I said when this prediction was made, it’s unfortunate that this would have to happen to Sherwood, especially since he was hoping to take over the UK’s Sky (although according to Reuters, those plans have been scrapped due to Disney being outbid by Comcast for that European family of networks). But it has happened as predicted, and it will probably be for the best as demonstrated when the deal between Disney and Fox was first announced.

If you want an example of why, there was a scene in The Bold Type – a show airing on Freeform – saying 2nd Amendment supporters all wore Make America Great Again hats, watched Hannity, and drove monster trucks. That should tell you everything you need to know about the whole Disney-ABC situation and why Sherwood has decided to leave. Loser doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Loser: Saturday Night Live – Attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh

What has been happening to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is like the 1991 Clarence Thomas controversy on steroids. However, it turns out that even when you try to defend yourself, the media will still attack you, whether it’s news, entertainment, or what have you. Take a look at this vicious attack on Kavanaugh by actor Matt Damon on NBC’s Saturday Night Live:

Like all of us in the United States, Kavanaugh has the right to due process which should especially apply to the court of public opinion regardless of race, gender, or skin color. The SNL crew and Damon should know better than to use their power to smear the judge and his family like this, so, they’re Losers and they need to wise up fast.



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