Ginsburg Cameo in ‘The Lego Movie 2′ Spotlights Warner Bros.’ Leftward Tilt

The Danish toy company Lego is perhaps most famous for its namesake brand, a set of building bricks that lets children’s imaginations run wild. The 2014 release of an animated film from Warner Bros. called The Lego Movie  was a surprise hit – grossing over $469 million out of a $60 million budget, and has spawned two spinoff films – one based on the Lego Ninjago line, and one featuring a mini figure version of Batman (voiced by Will Arnett). That shows how much staying power the brand has among children across the globe.

The film will be getting a sequel titled The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which will be released February 8. The sequel will feature a cameo appearance by… Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of currently four liberal Supreme Court justices (alongside Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Stephen Breyer). That cameo appearance can especially be seen in this trailer:

In an interview with USA Today, director Mike Mitchell gushed over this cameo:

These movies are so full of surprises. And we were thinking, ‘Who’s the last person you would think to see in a Lego film as a minifig?’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg! And we’re all huge fans. It made us laugh to think of having her enter this world.

It’s hard to believe Mitchell has been allowed by Warner Bros. to turn away potential audiences with this Ginsburg cameo, as well as those who enjoyed the original film.

What is AT&T thinking? It’s one thing to be a member of the Hollywood left, but to blatantly insert a liberal Supreme Court justice in a movie clearly aimed at children is quite another. When was the last time today’s Hollywood content featured a glowing appearance of, say, Clarence Thomas, the second African-American to sit in the high court after Thurgood Marshall?

For the record, this appearance by a liberal politician or judge isn’t as blatant as Hillary Clinton’s respective appearances on the CBS programs Madam Secretary and the now-cancelled Murphy BrownBut, a cameo like this still seems out of place for a children’s movie, especially one based on one of the most iconic toy lines in the world.

Then again, this isn’t the first time a piece of children’s media propagandized towards younger children about Ginsburg. In 2016, CBS’ publishing division Simon & Schuster published a children’s book celebrating her court tenure and painting her as its moral leader. And of course The Washington Post was thrilled. NewsBusters columnist Kristine Marsh had this brilliant response to the book:

One can only imagine how a children’s book from Simon & Schuster on the late Antonin Scalia would portray him, if they say in this one that he was against “helping” immigrants, women and African-Americans.

The same thing goes with The Lego Movie 2. If the filmmakers behind it were to make a minifigure of Scalia specifically for this movie, then it would probably get the same kind of hostile treatment to prove Marsh’s point.

This recent attempt at propaganda in an upcoming kids movie (of all things) is yet another example of how Ginsburg has become a cult of personality in liberal Hollywood and the liberal “news” media. It’s also proves how Warner Bros. is no better than sister company CNN in promoting left-wing causes.



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