Hollywood Unhinged: The Collapse of the American Entertainment Industry

We’re getting very close to the 2020 presidential election, and everyone knows what that means… mainstream popular culture will use this opportunity to promote far-left causes like social justice, global warming, gun control, open borders, and what have you.

What happened on a recent episode of Roswell, New Mexico, Steven Spielberg’s reboot of the ’90s teen drama series Roswell which airs on the CBS/AT&T joint venture network The CW, is a perfect example. That series has a history of promoting open borders, and even went as far to paint those who want border security as racists:


Kyle: Liz. Me again. I swear, if you got yourself…

Valenti: Kyle Manuel Valenti. You’d make a terrible criminal. Care to explain yourself?

Kyle: I was looking for Max Evans’s file. We’re in a kind of… Love triangle. Wanted to get some dirt on him, there wasn’t any.

Valenti: Is this about Liz Ortecho? (Laughs softly) Kyle.

Kyle: What?

Valenti: I don’t like her family. My parents struggled for years in poverty so that they could enter this country legally, because they believed in America. In freedom, in patriotism, in the law. And people who defy that law give us all a bad name.

Kyle: You sound like a bigot.

Valenti: And you sound so naive. Rosa Ortecho killed those girls, and it tore this town in half. You were away at school, but your father nearly lost the election that year. Jesse Manes vocally supported some white candidate, and you know how this town loves to vote military.

Kyle: I thought Master Sergeant Manes and dad were friends.

Valenti: Jesse Manes doesn’t have friends, Kyle. He has soldiers.

So, if you oppose open borders and support legal immigration, you are engaging in hatred and bigotry… who knew? You shouldn’t expect anything less from The CW, which has been peddling SJW propaganda for years. As a matter of fact, their teen drama Riverdale has destroyed the Archie franchise with the network’s usual smut and by attacking Catholics as well. The reason why this small network is pandering to the far-left like this shouldn’t be surprising…

According to a recent column by former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, 50 companies controlled 90 percent of the American media in 1983, including film and television.  Today, just six conglomerates – five of which being multinational corporations – own that same 90 percent. They are National Amusements (Showcase Cinemas, CBS, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Paramount), Disney (ABC, Marvel, ESPN, 20th Century Fox acquisition pending), AT&T (Warner Bros. HBO, Turner), Comcast (NBC, DreamWorks, Universal, Xfinity), the Murdoch family’s Fox Corporation (Fox Broadcasting Company), and the Japanese firm Sony (Columbia Pictures).

O’Reilly also points out that the corporate culture in this oligopoly always encourages political correctness and is most often left wing.

Of course, there are few exceptions like Hallmark Cards’ Crown Media subsidiary and the Murdoch family. Both Disney and Sony are given a pass as well – at least in the respective feature animation/theme parks (Disney) and consumer electronics (Sony) fronts. But, with big business controlling most of Hollywood, it’s very easy to use your platform to push one political point of view in almost everything you own.

It’s one thing to be a Hollywood liberal – as most entertainers are, but openly using your movies, music, television shows, and even video games to push far-left causes – especially to children – is quite something else. In the past, entertaining the masses was Hollywood’s focus and political activism was usually left on the side. But nowadays, their mission is to alienate potential audiences by using their content to push the far-left’s pet causes.
Hollywood’s goal is no longer to entertain. It’s now to please far-left zealots in their own camp and in the media, and to resist Trump and his supporters. And if that means making TV ratings and box office numbers plummet to record lows, so be it. Don’t expect today’s mainstream singers, actors, directors, or screenwriters to “shut up and sing,” especially with 2020 around the corner.
The media and entertainment industries loves diversity, but not diversity of thought. And It’s now perfectly clear that American pop culture in particular has one message… throw Trump out of the White House and force the country to conform to its far-left worldview. And they’ll continue to shove that message down our throats on screen and off in the next two years.
Count on it.



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