Entertainment’s Winners & Losers: Late Summer Edition

It’s back to school time, and the entertainment industry – as usual – has its list of Winners & Losers to pick from. Here’s what stands out for this week.

Winner: Tom Shadyac – Brian Banks

Hollywood in Toto writer Carl Koslowski has a great piece up now about film director and practicing Catholic Tom Shadyac, best known for directing Jim Carrey comedies like Liar Liar and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The piece, in addition talking about how he ditched mainstream Hollywood to focus on faith-oriented fare like I Am, tells its readers about his latest film.

Titled Brian Banks, the movie is based on the true story of its namesake subject, a football player whose NFL dreams are shattered as a result of a false rape accusation. However, one juvenile detention center instructor encouraged him to turn to the Christian faith to power past his predicament.

If you want more info, check out the article mentioned and check out the trailer above. Tom Shadyac is a sure winner.

Loser: Disney Channel – Political Ideology in Descendants 3

The shocking and tragic death of Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce as a result of a seizure at the age of 20 is a tragedy that would put any family in grief if it happened to one of their loved ones. Although I am not in the network’s age range, he was no doubt a talented person, and didn’t deserve to die so young.

And of course, the tribute to the child actor who left the world too soon was the only good thing to come out of the latest edition of the popular Descendants franchise, which focuses on the children of well-known Disney villains.

The third and final film in the series – which opened to much-needed record ratings – shamelessly exploits the immigration issue to pre-teens by having an evil queen enforce immigration laws. And according to the Daily Caller, they inserted a piece of dialogue demonstrating such:

Evie (Sofia Carson) asked her, “what could be more important” than being able to allow other innocent children to live “the dream” after coming over to Aurodon from the Isle of Lost themselves in the first film.

“I know,” Mal replied. “I mean maybe security. Or maybe peace of mind for everyone in Aurodon.”

In the end, the future queen decides that the only thing left to do is totally tear down the barrier between the two lands.

Director Kenny Ortega is a Loser. He should know better than to insert something as inappropriate as political themes in a kid-oriented movie, especially on a struggling network like the Disney Channel.

Winner: Danny Trejo – Rescuing Baby Trapped in Overturned Car

Most conservatives obviously don’t agree with veteran actor Danny Trejo of Spy Kids and Machete fame, especially when it comes to issues such as immigration. But, an act of heroism he demonstrated this week by rescuing a baby from an overturned car after witnessing a horrific accident should show that he has a human side to him as well.

Los Angeles TV station KABC interviewed him about his swift action:

He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers.’ I said do this, with the muscles. He said ‘muscles.’

It takes a lot of guts to help someone in need, especially in this case when it’s a young child trapped in an overturned vehicle after a horrifying incident like this. Trejo deserves a medal for the rescue; Winner doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Loser: 20th Century Fox – X-Men: Dark Phoenix Flop

It turns out that Disney’s historic acquisition of 20th Century Fox from Rupert Murdoch (in addition to National Geographic and FX) isn’t without its rough terrain.

The company saw two major flops through the legendary film studio this summer; one of which being X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which has reportedly lost the studio $170 million. And it has caused Disney to miss expectations when they announced their quarterly earnings this week. The Wall Street Journal also reports that Disney will be taking over Fox’s production operations.

As a result, Fox will be focusing mainly on established properties like The Simpsons on the now-independent Fox network (still controlled by the Murdoch family) in the future, as well as the Planet of the ApesAvatar, and Kingsman franchises. Disney also plans on rebooting established kid-friendly fare like Home Alone, Night at the Museum, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

Financially, Fox Studios is a Loser, and Disney will hopefully fix these woes with their new strategy.



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