Disney-ABC Television Doubles Down on Alienating Conservatives

It’s been eight months since Disney completed its massive $71 billion deal to acquire the legendary Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox and other key entertainment assets from what is now called Fox Corporation (named after the aforementioned movie studio). Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed anything at the company’s ABC network, nor has the recent post-acquisition shakeup.

The Media Research Center has reported several times a Project Veritas video exposing a coverup at ABC News regarding a story about Jeffrey Epstein that was rejected by the network. But entertainment is always worse than news when it comes to bias. Variety reports that the latest example is a new series being developed by ABC Studios about the Obamas, told from the point of view of, wait for it… female Obama staffers!

The series will be based on a series of essays published recently called Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope & Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House. Breitbart News columnist David Ng had a biting response to how this series is just the latest example of Hollywood choosing to honor the Obamas like gods:

ABC isn’t the first studio to create Obama-centric programming. Netflix signed on an overall deal with the Obama’s last year under which the streaming entertainment company will help the former first couple to create and air scripted shows and documentaries.

You shouldn’t expect anything less from a network that often uses its entertainment programming to promote a progressive agenda, especially one that allowed far-left zealot Shonda Rhimes to have a character in one of her shows have an abortion to the tune of the Christmas song Silent Night.

And ABC’s not the only network within Disney’s TV arm to push this propaganda. This past summer, Disney Channel engaged in having children support Open Borders in the final installment of their Descendants film series. In writing about the film, People Magazine’s Tom Gliatto said:

[T]he plot is about several missteps committed by Maleficent’s daughter Mal (Dove Cameron) when she assumes an important new role in the kingdom: She orders a ban on further immigration to Auradon from the Isle of the Lost — read into that what you will, political commentators — and unintentionally makes a rival of Sleeping Beauty’s kid Audrey (Sarah Jeffery).

Walt Disney would never have created a plot line supporting illegal immigration, and neither the company’s feature animation arm nor their Pixar subsidiary would do anything like this. Disney Channel should be ashamed of themselves for using one of their original movies to push Open Borders talking points at tweens, although their tribute to Cameron Boyce – who died of a seizure just one month before its release – was touching.

And not to be left out, Freeform and FX – the former of which not shy about its contempt for anyone who disagrees with its far-left insanity – have own social justice programming as well. It’s no wonder the Murdoch family no longer owns either of these assets and decided that their news brand was enough.

Overall, Disney’s TV division remains as left-wing and woke as ever, and they remain very open about it too.




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