DreamWorks’ ‘She-Ra’ Aims Social Justice at Children

The Netflix animated cartoon She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – a revival of an 80’s cartoon serving as the spin-off of Mattel’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toy line – is run by a film and TV animation studio called DreamWorks Animation, which was co-founded by Democratic mega-donor Jeffrey Katzenberg and occasionally uses its programming and movies to promote its progressive point of view.

The program has already featured gay and lesbian characters in the past, and now is ready to introduce a non-binary character as well. And according to MRC Culture’s Alexa Moutevelis, the person playing this new character – Jacob Tobia (themselves, non-binary) – is pretty excited:

Having non-binary representation in animated shows for young folks is just so vital because young people today are already understanding that gender is diverse and a broad spectrum from a super early age, right? So, it’s about time that the shows that we’re making for young people reflect the world as they understand it.

The excitement is totally understandable, but this decision will possibly alienate a lot of traditional-minded viewers and those who grew up with He-Man and She-Ra in the 1980’s. And DreamWorks Animation is making a mistake by exploiting a very controversial issue on young children.

Here’s the thing… I’m all for LGBTQ representation in movies and TV shows as long as long as it’s done in a tasteful fashion and not in your face, and unfortunately, the people at DreamWorks have chosen to do the latter.

Here are the facts. Although the LGBTQ community is a small minority of the population, most in that community are great people. All they want is to live the life they want to live and work at their jobs without any judgement whatsoever. That is a legitimate concern that everyone should think about, and one which I endorse wholeheartedly. That’s exactly why Obergefell vs. Hodges was successful, because the LGBTQ population (and yes, transgenders are included as well) are human beings just like all of us. That being said, the problem is that social justice fanatics imposing their views on other people are giving the LGBTQ rights movement a bad name.

Again, DreamWorks Animation, the studio behind She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this complicated issue on young children. Enough is enough with these social justice warriors who shove propaganda down our throats under the guise of children’s entertainment.

I can’t tell you how disheartening this She-Ra situation is. But it’s no accident, especially since DreamWorks is owned by NBCUniversal, which is a propaganda powerhouse in the United States. They themselves are also owned by cable giant Comcast. The money they make whenever you buy tickets to any Universal theme park or pay your Comcast cable bill makes this kind of stuff possible.



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