Media Calls Fox News ‘Polarizing’ and ‘Toxic’, Touts Namesake Movie Studio’s Rebrand

We all know how much the liberal media, especially the entertainment industry, hate Fox News. The insanely popular cable news channel is the only one in the mainstream media to give Republicans and conservatives a fair shake, while other networks – more specifically CNN – are completely hostile to anyone disagreeing with their left-wing worldview.

So, color no one surprised that Variety reporter Adam Vary wrote a column last Friday touting how Disney decided to change the name of the iconic movie studio that gave Fox News (and more importantly, the Fox broadcast network) its name, 20th Century Fox, to 20th Century Studios in an effort to distance itself from Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. The column also made sure to call Fox “toxic”:

All of it added up to specific associations with the word “Fox” in the media landscape that proved to be anathema to Disney’s scrupulously maintained family friendly brand.

As one insider puts it, “I think the Fox name means Murdoch, and that is toxic.”

So, by creating a channel that covers the news from all kinds of angles, any association with the Murdoch family is considered toxic? What a condescending comment.

Vary isn’t the only media member sticking it to conservatives over the name change. Brooks Barnes of The New York Times called the cable news giant “polarizing” and injected sexual harassment allegations against founder Roger Ailes and former commentator Bill O’Reilly:

Fox News remains a media superpower, but its brand has become a polarizing one. The network’s founding chairman, Roger Ailes, and one of its most popular on-air personalities, Bill O’Reilly, became the focus of sexual harassment scandals in recent years. Its prime-time opinion hosts are vocal supporters of President Trump.

Hollywood figures have grown more vocal in their criticism of Fox News. In 2018, for instance, Steve Levitan, the creator of “Modern Family,” which airs on ABC but is produced by the Fox studio that Disney now owns, wrote on Twitter that he was “disgusted to work at a company that has anything whatsoever to do with @FoxNews.” His comments came amid the 24-hour news channel’s coverage of the Trump administration’s border security policy.

Both Variety and the Times might have missed the fact that although Disney’s animated movies and those made by Pixar are family friendly and always will be (as is the Disney brand name), the company also owns the youth-oriented Freeform cable channel, which airs programming that isn’t at all family friendly – and is openly progressive to boot. And somehow neither organization considers that toxic or polarizing at all.

Entertainment programming on Disney-owned ABC is even more biased against conservatives than the network’s news programming. In fact, just this year, the show Stumptown not only painted Christians in a terrible light, but also pushed back against “separating families;” In other words, enforcing immigration laws:

Betty: I don’t owe you an explanation.

Dex: But you owe my client one. Jeremy Stevens. Sherri Fisher’s son. You remember him? Eh, probably not, no. He was only 6 months old when you ripped him from his mother’s arms.

Betty: I saved him. He was born into an impure family. I found good, Christian parents for him.

Dex: No, you were stealing babies from perfectly good Native families and giving them to innocent people who had no idea they were being had.

Betty: It was the Lord’s work.

Dex: Yeah? And how much was the Lord paying you? Excuse me. I’m thinking, um — I’m thinking kickbacks. Families who adopt a kid get a tax credit, right? So I’m thinking that some of those families give you a little something when the tax returns come in. At least until Graceful Heart shut down. God, that must’ve been a hit.

Betty: We did what was necessary.

Dex: Wow. So no regrets?

Betty: Not a one.

Dex: I figured you would say that…

And not to be left out, some of the Fox assets Disney acquired have their own left-wing claptrap as well, as in the case of 20th Century’s Avatar as well as many programs airing on FX.

William Fox

Changing the name of Fox Studios, as well as simplifying the name of the Fox Searchlight arthouse film label to Searchlight Pictures, is quite understandable due to the fact that the Fox name is now known largely because of the broadcast network and the news channel rather than the movie studio.

But here’s the thing, the “Fox” part of the studio’s name originally came from a producer named William Fox (as pictured on the left), a Hungarian immigrant who was responsible for giving the late child star Shirley Temple (who would later serve as the ambassador to Czechoslovakia under president George H.W. Bush) a chance at the spotlight. And in 1938, Fox’s studio and another upstart – Daryl Zanuck‘s 20th Century Pictures – merged to form the studio we know today. So, Disney might be making a big mistake by erasing Mr. Fox’s name in the process – all because they want to distance themselves from Fox News.

Disney needs to realize that William Fox and the vision he had for Hollywood was a big reason why the studio (and Fox News and Fox TV to a certain extent) had its name for so many years. Although the reasoning for the name change is understandable, and the change has already been made at this point, Disney still needs to respect Mr. Fox’s legacy, as well as that of Zanuck.

At least that iconic fanfare from composer Alfred Newman, as well as the triumphant monolith logo and klieg lights, will remain intact.



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