Entertainment’s Winners & Losers: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s time for yet another review on the winners and losers of the entertainment industry. And unfortunately, a majority of the subjects in this installment are losers.

Winner – Paramount, Leaving Ideology Aside in New Video Game Movie

Paramount Pictures recently released a movie based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series by SEGA. Although Jim Carrey had personally ranted about President Trump while promoting the film, the movie itself, other stars – like Ben Schwartz (NBC’s Parks and Recreation) and James Marsden – left all ideology aside. As a result, the film is doing very well, having grossed over $65 million this past weekend alone, and the number could continue to rise.

Although Paramount’s new parent company ViacomCBS continues in engaging in the same left-wing claptrap its predecessors engaged in, including an instance on the Paramount Network where the military show 68 Whiskey trashed America as racist, the studio itself should be commended for handling this classic video game character with care and without ideology. And for that, they are Winners.

Loser – Freeform, Ratings Woes

The Disney-owned cable network Freeform is in deep trouble. Once a ratings juggernaut when it was known as ABC Family, the network has seen drastic ratings declines.

The reason why that once-popular network is struggling is because it became identified with social justice politics.

Not only is this MTV wannabe behind even CNN in terms of viewership, their current original programs are a ratings disaster. More recently, their Open Borders lecture Party of Five, a revival of the 90’s Fox series, dropped from 440,000 viewers from the first episode to just 219,000 for this past week’s episode. How embarrassing is that?

And they seem to be doubling down. As Gabriel Hays at NewsBusters reports, the far-left network will be producing a gay romantic comedy featuring two pansexual men just to stick it to the Hallmark Channel for “not being diverse enough” (although Hallmark has always been about diversity, only not being in your face about it).

Disney needs to understand that if their cable channels, and especially Freeform, continue alienating conservative audiences like this, it will hurt the network greatly. And many Uber-liberal businesses had failed. Just look at how Air America and Al Jazeera America shut down in the past decade, or how the McClatchy newspaper chain had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this month.

The president of Freeform, Tom Achiem, is a Loser.

Undecided – Nickelodeon, Chance the Rapper as Kids’ Choice Awards Host

As also relentlessly pointed out here, the entertainment industry is absolutely harming children, because they put out garbage songs shows, and movies. And what makes this worse is Nickelodeon actually promotes this filth in their Kids’ Choice Awards every year, and even allows profane rappers like DJ Khaled to host.

That new tradition of using rappers to host the KCAs continues this year, as the new host will be… protege to Trump supporter Kanye West? Yep, you read that right; the new host will be Chance the Rapper, whom Kanye is responsible for making famous. Although he puts out awful stuff that hurts children, he did say that not all black people have to be Democrats. And of course, that didn’t go over well with left-wing Twitter. That’s no surprise as Kanye has gotten a lot of flack for not following Hollywood groupthink as well.

Winner or Loser? You make the call.

Winner – Cory Feldman, Sexual Harassment Documentary

The institutionalized problem of sexual harassment got exposed in 2017, when Harvey Weinstein got accused sexual harassment, assault, and rape. As a result of these allegations, more people in show biz have lost their jobs. Among the many high profile people that have since seen similar allegations include Pixar co-founder John Lasseter, Nickelodeon animator Chris Savino, and Today co-host Matt Lauer.

Former child star Cory Feldman (who played Tod in Disney’s The Fox and the Hound) will produce a documentary about this ongoing problem, and how he himself was a victim of it; more specifically, pedophilia. A first look at the documentary premiered on YouTube a couple of days ago:

Incredible. It takes a lot of courage to expose something as serious as sexual harassment, especially when it comes to Hollywood. And children are especially viable to something like this when they decide they want to get into the entertainment industry.

Calling Mr. Feldman a Winner is an understatement.



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