Will Disney Double Down on the Woke?

As the website NewsBusters has reported extensively. The Walt Disney Company – which owns ABC – has been very aggressive in promoting woke politics. by donating money to Black Lives Matter during the 2020 presidential election and now discriminating against conservatives. There is also emerging evidence that Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disney Television chief Peter Rice, and Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Bergman are doubling down on their efforts to go woke. That would be a total alienation of people who don’t like politics invading every aspect of their lives.

For example, in the wake of the Star Wars franchise’s firing of conservative actress Gina Carano from the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, another cast member – actor and comedian Bill Burr – was reported to have said on his podcast that he now has to watch what he says while working on Star Wars. In addition, the hateful ABC network continues to air vicious attacks under the guise of entertainment, like this one on police in their drama The Rookie:

Fiona: Good evening. I’m Professor Ryan, and this is Ethics and Criminal Justice. Now, tell me, what do those words make you think?

Victor: That…the two don’t go together.

Fiona: Why?

Victor: Because the criminal justice system is inherently biased, designed to punish poor people and people of color.

Fiona: Okay, so if that’s a problem, what is a solution? 

Female Student: Defund the police, for starters. 

Fiona: Anyone disagree?

Nolan: Uh, well, I don’t think it’s quite that simple — just defunding the police.

Female Student: Defunding doesn’t mean get rid of cops. It means stop prioritizing them over people they’re supposed to serve. 

Nolan: Yeah, no, I appreciate that, and I agree. I think a lot more money needs to be invested in communities, but it will take time for those investments to affect any real change. If we drastically cut policing before that happens, it would leave people unprotected.

Victor: It can’t be worse than it is now.

Nolan: Sure, it can. Don’t you agree?

Fiona: Oh, I’m not here to agree or to pick sides. Ethics are often at odds with the law. What’s right and what is legal are very often all too different. And that tension is what we are here to explore. And it is going to get uncomfortable, so y’all better strap in.

This week, Bob Chapek was on a conference call with Disney shareholders which took the place of an annual meeting; and there was near revolt. That’s no surprise, as a new poll from SurveyMonkey shows how concerned Americans are about the company’s increasingly far-left corporate culture. As a shareholder myself, I was on the call. And while I focused on asking when the College Program at their theme park division (which I participated in back in 2012) would start up, there were a lot of questions about their leftism, even one on left-winger Kathleen Kennedy’s leadership of Star Wars creator Lucasfilm from a stockholder based in San Antonio, Texas:

Disney shareholder: “Are you guys looking at firing Kathleen Kennedy or asking her to resign and promote somebody like [Dave] Filoni or [Jon] Favreau or both to the co-council?”

Bob Chepek – CEO, The Walt Disney Company: “We’ve been absolutely thrilled that we can have the kind of creative talent in our company, the likes of Kathy Kennedy running Lucas. And we look forward to having Kathy directing the activities of the entire Lucasfilm organization for many years to come.”

And then Disney ‘turned off the mic’.

Most CEOs would’ve stopped Disney’s political correctness a long time ago, and Chapek is making a mistake by not only denying it and letting it go unchecked; but also doing business with countries that actually restrict liberties, including the People’s Republic of China, which operates concentration camps for Uyghur muslims.

Think about this. An entertainment giant, The Walt Disney Company, is spending millions of dollars on social justice initiatives and yet shoots film and television productions in places with the exact human rights issues they claim they’re fighting against. It’s obviously a major story when a powerful corporation – especially focused on entertaining audiences – may be using its power, its airwaves, and its film and television projects to influence social and political matters as well as promote censorship.

That kind of corruption should make Chapek very concerned, especially since he runs the entertainment giant.



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