Critical Race Theory Insanity for Kids

Nickelodeon was once television icon, but not anymore.

On December 28 of last year, Variety reported that ratings for the ViacomCBS-owned kids’ brand’s family of cable channels plummeted. Nick’s mainline channel was down 32%, while the preschool-aimed Nick Jr. was down 17%, Nicktoons was down 42%, and TeenNick was down 35%. As demonstrated multiple times in this space, it’s mostly do to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and ViacomCBS’-own Paramount+. Here’s an example of why this is happening, recently… Just this past week on Twitter, the kids’ channel posted an insane video talking about “environmental racism” featuring CBS News “reporter” Jamie Yuccas, and many conservatives were outraged, including YouTuber and Daily Wire personality Michael Knowles:

But Knowles isn’t the only one who was disgusted by this blatant propaganda. Matt Vespa of of tweeted:

[I r]emember the good ole’ days when the network just aired [Solute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Rugrats, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rocko’s Modern Life]… AND didn’t peddle this left-wing drivel. Sad – truly sad.

The outrage over this latest attempt at promoting Critical Race Theory was so swift, that Nick actually ended up disabling comments for the video.

We shouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Yuccas, a notorious far-left zealot and environmental extremist who’s masqueraded as a journalist for quite some time. And it exposes, not just Nickelodeon, but ViacomCBS as a whole as an ideological organization. But, this isn’t the first time Nick has produced “news” shows that actually serve as liberal propaganda. The Nick News initiative started in the 1990s, hosted by committed leftist Linda Ellerbee. It wasn’t shoved in your face like it is now though, and that’s why the network was still good and entertaining during its peak. If Nick president Brian Robbins had any courage at all, he would go up to Shari Redstone and tell her to stop having her businesses shove propaganda down our throats under the guise of “media,” especially the once-great operation he runs.

Why get the kids involved in this insanity? This just goes to show how much corporate America has doubled down on alienating about 74 million people who voted against its grandstanding. If you have a subscription to Paramount+ or have kids watching Nickelodeon, now would be a good time to block Nickelodeon from your channel lineup and cancel your Paramount+ subscription. There are great alternatives out there for children. One of them is the new Saturday Morning lineup of classic cartoons on MeTV. Another happens to be Pure Flix, a streaming service from the creators of God’s Not Dead and Unplanned. Although it was acquired by Sony Pictures recently, there’s still plenty of family-friendly movies and shows on that service. Best of all, unlike Nickelodeon (as well as Cartoon Network and Disney Channel), there is zero leftist brainwashing like this on either service.

There is no excuse for pushing this insanity on kids. Nickelodeon ought to be ashamed of themselves.



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