The Monumental Collapse of Nickelodeon

Linear television ratings are in a massive decline, whether they may be cable, satellite, or over-the-air antenna. And it has nothing to do with the increasing amount of one-sided ideology in a majority of mainstream TV (although it clearly doesn’t help the situation), it has to do with the mass migration towards a la carte streaming services – which allows consumers to watch any movie or TV show on their own schedule.

One of the biggest victims of the migration towards streaming is Nickelodeon, the ViacomCBS-owned television channel that bills itself as “the first kids’ network.” Once a popular TV destination, the network has become nothing more than a shadow of its former self. Its ratings have seen a drastic decline from one million viewers in 2016 to just 395,000 this year. How embarrassing is that? Not even a popular preschool cartoon like PAW Patrol can save its ratings from collapsing.

As a result of this decline, desperation is setting in; with the network following its corporate cousins at ViacomCBS in pushing a left-wing agenda. Here’s just some of the elements that confirm this.

An appearance by Kamala Harris at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards:

A creepy 8-minute spot made in response to the death of George Floyd:

And a drag queen:

But how does that square with a “news” segment posted this past spring that tackled “environmental racism?” The Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles had a brilliant takedown of that ridiculous video:

I couldn’t have said it better. ViacomCBS has proven time and time again that they’re in the social justice business, and wants to use Nick to push this far-left ideology on children. And Nick News, which always had left-wing ideology when it was hosted by Linda Ellerbee, is doubling down on that leftism soon. Here’s why, they recently announced that they plan on airing a special advocating for illegal immigration, which will feature so-called “comedian” Samantha Bee and house speaker Nancy Pelosi of all people. If that doesn’t tell you how one-sided this special will be, I don’t know what to tell you.

The increasingly blatant ideology shows how desperate Nickelodeon is to bring back its former glory. But, they have to realize that alienating more than half the population by politicizing a once-iconic kids’ TV brand won’t be good in the long run – especially since they’re using the brand as a major selling point for the Paramount+ streaming service, which is also struggling. The bottom line is that the network is run by a corporation that is almost 100% run by liberal ideologues who only care about their peers on the coasts. If you don’t believe me, look at the Twitter feed of Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins, who retweets none other than Stacey Abrams and former ESPN host Jemele Hill of all people.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Why can’t we just let kids be kids? They have their whole lives to become adults. But, maybe Nickelodeon’s just trying to hold people’s attention while parents are waiting for the latest episode of SpongeBob, PAW Patrol, or one of their cheesy kid-coms to air. Or maybe they’re just waving Hail Marys because they’re struggling to re-gain relevance.



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