20th Century Woke: Disney Division Pushes Identity Politics on Halloween

As stated last week, the entertainment industry is alienating more than half the population, because they continue to put out garbage songs, movies, and TV shows and even advertisements.

More recently, Disney – through the 20th Century Studios label – produced two woke projects, an ad and a movie. In the case of advertising, put out a Twix ad featuring a young boy (whose parents are never featured) dressed up as a princess, while his nanny – who dresses as a witch – kills a child who bullies him.


To be fair, this is much tamer than – say – Taco Bell hiring Satan-straddling provocateur Lil’ Nas X. But, does this really need to be a subject for a candy commercial? Mars, Incorporated, the makers of Twix as well as M&M’s and Snickers, should be embarrassed for letting 20th Century use this kind of in-your-face virtue signaling when it comes to advertising. On a personal note, when I buy a product or service, I want it to be sold to me with a smile on my face, not with a message being shoved down my throat. And there are plenty of companies who do that. It’s brands who make a decision to go woke that are the problem – and Mars happens to be one of them.

The film industry is just another example of this downward trend. Movie theatre chains like AMC and Regal were temporarily closed for a long period of time during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a devastating impact at the box office, and woes continue today. The woke virtue-signaling certainly isn’t going to fix the problem.

The most recent example of this happening is director Ridley Scott’s latest movie The Last Duel, a medieval epic starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Last weekend, the film opened to an abysmal $4.8 million at the box office, despite Disney/20th Century hoping to woo older audiences with this $100 million film from director Ridley Scott, but its woke gender politics certainly put a stop to those expectations. Breitbart News’ David Ng, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, noted:

Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have played up the movie’s feminist credentials.  At the Venice Film Festival, where the movie had its world premiere, Affleck reportedly declared: “The great illusion of chivalry was that while it was about protecting the innocent female, it was in fact a code that denied women’s basic humanity.”

He added that European countries of the time “didn’t view women for many many centuries as human beings,” neglecting to mention the powerful female rulers of the era.

Damon explained why they hired a female screenwriter. “In the male-centred stories, women appear when the men need them for something; otherwise they are ignored. They are property, they are not human beings.”

Affleck and Damon also said they hired a female screenwriter for the film because women during the time period the film was set it were “treated as property” and they also teamed up with feminist organizations run by people like Geena Davis to make sure this movie was as blatant in its gender politics as possible. How embarrassing.

The major studios ought to realize that woke propaganda never makes money domestically. But of course they don’t care about American audiences as much as they do audiences in totalitarian nations like China. This is just another example of the woke infiltration of our culture being infiltrated by social justice fanatics, and who’s most at fault is a corrupt entertainment industry that rams woke lectures and crude behavior down our throats.

These two instances are yet another example of how our woke culture has gone completely out of control. A true Hollywood horror movie come to life. And it’s irritating to see a company like Disney engage in something like this.



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